Get tips on revamping your private nook for less

Get tips on revamping your private nook for lessImage Credit: Supplied

Redesigning a bathroom has a significant number of limitations especially if you are on a strict budget. However, the limitations can, in fact, work as an advantage. The bathroom already has a pre-determined function and a fairly small amount of space to work with. This means you need less fixtures to fill it with, keeping your revamping efforts cosmetic and more affordable.

• Wall colour and decor – As you are working with a small space, feel free to go bold with your style choices. Things like bright paint and quirky and unique vinyl stickers and stencils would seem out of place in the living room, but they would look good in the bathroom. You may even paint or add wallpaper to the bathroom ceiling in a similar theme or design.

• Accessories and fixtures – Most rooms in your home have a main feature. Your bathroom is no different so why not combine functionality with flair. Choose a shower curtain that is pretty as well as practical. If your bathroom has a high ceiling, take advantage of this by placing your shower curtains higher and using longer materials. You can also replace worn and dirty handle pulls and knobs. Update cabinets and storage areas as well by painting them in a different colour. You may even consider replacing the existing fixtures with sleek and modern versions, preferably those with a low-flow feature to conserve water.

• Mirrors – An often looked at but overlooked feature in the bathroom is the mirror. Replacing the existing mirror with a much larger one not only creates an interesting new feature in your private nook, it also increases the feeling of having a bigger space. Add a border or a physical frame around the mirror to give the bathroom a more antique feel.

• Add scents – Create a spa-like ambience by making the bathroom smell good. Arrange scented candles, potpourri, bath salts and oils in a strategic corner. Add a vase of flowers or potted plants to complete the look. It would also help if you get rid of clutter by storing toiletries and towels out of sight in storage boxes.

Handy Hints:

• Replace a regular mirror with a large framed mirror to give an illusion of space

• Go bold on your choice of bathroom paint, wallpaper or vinyl mural designs

• Create a spa-like ambience by adding potpourri, scented candles, bath oils

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Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties

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