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The kitchen has long ceased to be a secluded corner of the home. With open kitchens gaining ground, the décor of the cooking zone has become an essential part of the overall style statement of the house. Dish out a stylish culinary space in easy steps.

Islands and peninsulas are countertops which lend a more informal setting to a kitchen. They are great venues for a group of friends and family to gather for a cup of coffee or a quick meal. They can also serve as workstations where you can cut vegetables and fruits. While islands are open on all four sides and need more space, peninsulas are better suited in a smaller set-up. The latter has circulation on three sides with one end attached to a wall. Both islands and peninsulas can be built to offer storage options.

If you are revamping the look of your kitchen, changing your fading countertop and backsplash is essential. There are various materials you can opt for when picking your countertop. These range from granite, laminate, stainless steel and even tiles. Granite countertops are the most popular because they are sturdy and most resistant to knife nicks and heat. Laminate is a cheaper option, but it cannot withstand hot objects and is easily prone to wear and tear.

Like countertops, a backsplash has to combine its aesthetic appeal with functionality. The design of the backsplash needs to be in sync with the look of the countertop though not necessarily of the same colour and material. Granite backsplashes are popular because they are tough but they need to be cleaned regularly to remove stains. Pebble tiles as backsplashes are the latest trend as they give a textured and a three-dimensional look to a space. While they are high up in the style quotient, they are difficult to clean. Glass backsplashes have also been in vogue. They reflect light and tend to make the kitchen look more spacious, but they are delicate and tough to repair.

Kitchen makeovers can also include replacing kitchen faucets and towel racks. These hardware accessories come in metallic hues like nickel, bronze and copper. These can be matched with your countertop and the sink. Do not forget to update the storage cabinets as well by painting them a different hue.


Handy Hints

• Granite countertops are beautiful, sturdy and resistant to scratches and heat

• Islands and peninsulas as countertops lend an informal setting to a kitchen

• Glass backsplashes have a timeless appeal and make a space look spacious


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