Freshen up your living room with an antique theme

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Planning to arrange the interiors of your newly built living area, or want to do a complete interior makeover of the existing one? In either case, try out new styles that reflect your personality. If you are fed up with common interior designs, consider switching to an appealing antique-themed living space.

• Wall color - Displaying old items along with the excessive use of textiles, classy furniture, soulful colour combinations and textures is known as antique-themed design. Choose colours like slate blue or mustard yellow. Start painting the walls with a light-coloured base coat and apply a top coat of darker glossy shades. You can also try faded-looking wallpapers or antique-textured walls.

• Flooring - Use wood or bricks as both give the classic look. If you are not using wooden flooring, installing planks or narrow floorboards is another option. Also, place large candleholders in different positions where these can blend with the floor type to get the feeling of stepping into an ancient home.

• Windows - Fix traditional tab curtains on wooden rods to give the windows a good old classic look. You can go for old-fashioned stained glass with wonderful colours and beautiful images. Contrasting colours give a splendid retro look. You can install windows in different sizes and patterns to create a more antique-style room.

• Furniture - Selecting antique-looking furniture gives a room the complete classic look. Choose pieces in different colours, styles and textures. Place an antique piece like an armoire and use the remaining space to arrange old-fashioned wooden tables, chairs with cotton upholstery and storage pieces to make the living room feel rustic.

• Décor - As a final touch-up, decorate the living room with fine antique accessories that match your taste, style and budget. A rustic-looking oak side table, brass lamps or a vintage chandelier can add extra charm to the space. Draping the entire room with multi-coloured quilts, placing worn-out looking rugs and decorating the walls with paintings help enhance the antique feel.

An antique-themed living room is a great way to make the space look more cosy.



Handy Hints

• Get a unique antique piece that suits your taste like an armoire or dresser

• Consider wall colour, flooring or vintage ceiling patterns for the living room

• Look for rustic-looking furniture, curtains, carpets, lamps or candleholders

Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

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