Find out how to liven up your living space with fresh hues

Find out how to liven up your living space with fresh huesImage Credit: Supplied

Are you planning to perk up your old living space, or trying to add color to a newly-acquired home? If you are going the DIY route, then you need a little bit of research and know-how about painting.

To start with, you need to determine whether you like to paint the entire house or just the portions that need repainting. Once you set out on your mission, it is crucial to choose the right shades.

If you are painting the exterior, there are basically two types of paints to choose from: oil-based paints, also known as alkyd paints, and water-based latex paints. While the former can be cleaned only with a paint thinner, the latter can simply be mopped away with soap and water. Moreover, latex paints dry quickly and have lesser odor compared to the alkyd variety. However, if you want a stain-resistant and durable paint, alkyd paints are the best. Be sure to select colors that are long lasting though.

As far as the interior paint finish is concerned, there are choices between matte, semi-glossy and glossy finish. You can also select flat enamel, eggshell or satin finishes depending on your preference. During a paint job, harmful chemical components are often emitted. To minimize the risk of health hazards, many people choose eco-friendly products that are known to produce lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Once you have decided on the color, you need to prepare the painting surface by removing all kinds of dirt, grime and other residues. Choose paint rollers or brushes for indoor as well as outdoor use. Make arrangements for buckets, newspapers, soft cloth and plastic sheets before you start painting. It is advisable to start working on a bright, dry day when the temperature hovers around 40 degrees.

Remember to start painting from the top, covering the ceilings and edges first. Gradually roll the full height of the wall for a smooth finish. If you are painting the living room, you can select colors like pale grey with white or a mix of light blue with green edges. Similarly, for the bedroom, shades like pink and purple are best for girls, while a rusty wall suits a master’s bedroom.

Painting can be a fun family affair. It will not only make for a great weekend bonding, it will also give your house a new glow. Get going and prepare your house for a makeover.

Handy Hints:

• Painting can be a fun DIY activity with family during weekends or holidays

• Alkyd and water-based latex paints are basically the types to choose from

• Prepare buckets, newspapers, soft cloth and plastic sheets before painting

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Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties

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