Feng shui and its role in lighting elements

Feng shui and its role in lighting elementsImage Credit: Supplied

Light is the greatest source of energy emitted from the sun, and one of the most important elements in maintaining a balanced chi in any space, whether it be our home or office.

Being the stronger manifestation of energy, light has the capacity to nourish and heal, or burn and destroy. We are nourished by the energy around us, or we are drained by it. Have you walked into a home or apartment and been struck by the lack of energy in the place? Often, the lack of energy in a home or office is related to the lack of light. Poor, inadequate or harsh lighting can affect the way you feel, how you see, what you are doing, and your mood and overall well-being.

White light contains the full spectrum of all colors. A full spectrum light bulb reflects all the colors in your environment. It is one of the best ways to bring out the true colors in your home.

Feng shui and proper lighting can improve emotional responses. Having multiple sources of light in a room and using natural light as much as possible allow the eyes to see depth and contour easily.

Soft serene lighting is really important. Remember that light should come from various levels. It should not just come from the ceiling; it should not just come from lamps on side tables. Try to create different levels of lighting within your space.

Make sure that the entrance to your home or office is well-lit. Lights on either side of the outside door are ideal to draw positive chi inside. Make sure you replace any burned-out light bulbs. Many businesses leave the outside lights on day and night to ensure a continual attraction of business.

If you have a room that is dedicated to rest, then lighting plays a very important role. Choose soft light for your bedside lamps and avoid harsh overhead lighting and wall scone lighting. A light fixture directly over your bed is considered inauspicious and can lead to health issues with your liver and eyesight.

Handy Hints:

• Choose soft lighting for your bedside lamps; avoid harsh overhead lighting

• Light should come from various levels and not only from the ceiling or lamps

• Lights on either side of the outside door are ideal to draw positive chi inside

Source: Cristiano Falconi, Special to Properties

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