Feng shui and its role in entrance halls

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As to Feng Shui, the entrance hall plays a very important role in the house. While the main door is where the energy enters, the entrance hall is basically where the house’s occupants welcome the energy. It is, thus, very important to have a quite spacious hall.

The energy that enters from the mouth of chi (main door) must feel welcomed. That is why it is always advisable to have some fresh flowers in this part of the house. The entrance hall is where the chi circulates and nourishes the other parts of the house. Therefore, ensure your hall is free from clutter and is well-lit so it can receive and circulate the energy.

When the entrance hall is reasonably big, the energy will have enough space to settle before starting to flow around the house. Having a nice hall means that you can welcome and store more energy, which means more opportunities and wealth for people living in the house.

Use warm and light colors in the hall area. Hang pictures or paintings with nice images to give occupants and visitors a feeling of happiness and prosperity.

Regarding furniture, avoid those with sharp shapes. If possible, invest in a round wooden table to be placed in the center. Put some family pictures, small pieces of antique decor or some books you particularly like.

You can have a mirror in the area, but make sure that it is not placed directly in front of the main door as it will pull out the energy that enters the house. In any case, it should be a small one. Huge wall mirrors are not really considered auspicious in this area.

Remember, the entrance hall is like your business card. It carries the impression that people will have about you even before they step in. So, do not use it as a storage area. Even if is not very big, make it cozy and attractive.

During wintertime, when the days are short, it is good to have a table lamp with its light on in this space. Your house will exude a different atmosphere in the process.

Feng Shui Handy Hints
• Use warm and light colors in the entrance hall and hang pictures/paintings
• Install a small mirror in the area but ensure that it does not face the main door
• It is auspicious to add a round wooden table in the center of the entrance area

Source: Cristiano Falconi, Special to Properties
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