Eye-fooling ideas to make your home look spacious

Eye-fooling ideas to make your home look spaciousImage Credit: Supplied

Interior décor is a science as well as an art. With clever space-saving ideas for small homes, you will discover how to maximize space and give an illusion of expansiveness. Here are some tricks to make your home appear more spacious:

• Use light colors – Wall colors like cream, beige and pale gray maximize light and space by reflecting light. However, different colors in different rooms break up the space visually into several small units.

• Avoid large prints – Large multiple prints on carpets, curtains and furniture add visual clutter and create a crowded effect. Use one or two striking statement motifs, but stay away from too many clashing prints.

• Reduce clutter – ''Edit'' your belongings. Keep only what you need and what you love. The more you use up the floor area, the more filled up your apartment looks. Also, the beauty of individual pieces will be lost.

• Create hidden storage – Have built-in storage beneath beds, seating areas and behind mirrors. Use a trunk as a coffee table or a seating area. Invest in decorative boxes and baskets of various sizes for storage and tuck them under tables and benches and over shelves to create more space to hold things.

• Use the walls – This prevents your floor area from being eaten up. Wall storage is perfect for books, bowls, photos, CDs and more. Wall-mount televisions and other appliances. Floating shelves are the latest trend to store things without using the floor.

• Use narrow furniture – You may have to rethink the big square furniture as you consider space-saving ideas for small homes. Go for longer and narrower couches or sectionals, and use long low benches. Avoid unnecessary furniture.

• White flooring – It is better to use white-colored tiles as flooring. Dark shades will make the room look even more congested. White flooring and light-colored walls give the maximum effect.

• Use glass – Because of its transparent nature, glass never takes away space. Use glass tabletops and inner partitions in the living area. Prefer large glass windows or French windows that let in lots of light and create an illusion of space.

Handy Hints:

• Create built-in storage beneath beds, seating areas and behind mirrors

• Use light-colored paints for walls and ceilings like cream, beige, pale gray, etc.

• Install floating shelves on the walls for books, photos, CDs and other items

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Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

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