Effective lighting ideas for your home

Effective lighting ideas for your homeImage Credit: Supplied

Unless you are living in a custom-designed home, chances are you have inherited your home’s pre-existing lighting and carrying on with it. Lighting, whether it is natural or artificial, plays a role in creating the mood of a room. Playing around with lighting can give the feeling of bigger spaces and a focus on objects.

However, it is also important to let natural light in. Not only does it add beauty to your home, it is also healthy as well as energy efficient. If you plan on making changes to your current lighting system, you need to be aware of the various lighting options there are in the market.
• Downlighting is strong and a lot like midday lighting. It is great for dining areas, play areas as well as areas for entertaining. Ideally, the wattage should be limited to 100 or it may create a very strong glare. Downlighting can sometimes create large shadows; however, that can be solved using low table lamps.
• Upward lighting is light reflected upward and bounces off ceilings and walls. It creates a warm ambience, especially when used in bathrooms, as it illuminates the space without creating shadows when you look into the mirror.
• Spotlighting is used to create a focal point using a strong light. This kind of lighting is often employed to accentuate artwork and paintings.
• Task lighting covers a broader area, and is focused on fulfilling certain purposes like lighting up a workspace or a study table. Ideally, its brightness should be enough to prevent eye strain.
• Occasional lighting, such as a lampstand or shade, is more artistic than utilitarian, but can really beautify a room. For example, bedroom lamps can create a cozy atmosphere.

Do-it-yourself stores have a wide variety of stylish, affordable lighting options. Ikea, Dragon Mart and other home deco stores offer a plethora of choices that will help you create the mood and ambience you want in your living spaces. You may also opt for used lamps at flea markets or antique shops.

Handy Hints
• Understand the different lighting options and their uses before you shop
• There are many stores that can help you change your lighting at less cost
• Maximize the use of natural light as it is healthier as well as energy efficient

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Source: Dipshikha Mitra, Special to Properties
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