Easy-breezy ideas to glam up your backyard

Creative backyard utilisation plans can give an added functionality to the spaceImage Credit: Supplied

When perking up an outdoor spot, homeowners tend to focus more on the front yard and garden and usually ignore the backyard. But, with time and effort, you can also make your backyard an attractive area where you can spend your leisure time with family and guests.

Garden – Why limit gardens to the front yard? Create a green patch in your backyard with the plants of your choice – flowers, fruits, vegetables or trees. Homeowners usually choose organic vegetables and fruits for a backyard garden.

Cosy leisure spot – Use your backyard to get enough space for morning or afternoon coffee/tea chats with friends and family. Select furniture that suits the available area and arrange them in a way that they exude a homely feel. Pick a table and chairs with unique designs.

Swimming pool – This may be an expensive but interesting idea. If you have a large space, why not build your own for a summer splash. But consider safety first if you have kids.

Bird haven – Adding a water fountain to your backyard will instantly give your home a fresh feel of nature. It will also turn it into a haven for birds which are naturally attracted to water to beat the heat. Select a piece that suits the size of the area.

Sports and play area – You may not have enough area for a basketball court, but you can surely fix a portable basketball hoop so that you and your kids can play and practise in the comfort of your own backyard. Or, you may turn it into a kids’ play area. Just add rubber flooring and some toys, or sand flooring and a simple swing.

Party venue – Take your guests outdoors when celebrating special occasions like birthdays, an engagement or a baby shower. Add barbecue facilities and an outdoor kitchen. Decorate it with string lights and interesting pieces of outdoor furniture.

During the planning stage, ensure that your backyard utilisation ideas match well with the climate.

Handy Hints:

* A backyard can be transformed into a play/sports area, party venue, garden

*Choose furniture items that last through seasons and suit the size of the area

* Planting shrubs or trees can establish corners and borders for your privacy

Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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