Dress up your wall to make a statement

Dress up your wall to make a statementImage Credit: Supplied

When you're decorating your home, a statement wall can completely change the dynamics of a room and even the entire residence. By combining practical and creative options, you can transform your living space often with very little cost and equipment involved.

One method of creating a statement wall is to dress up a practical storage unit with bright-colored wallpaper. By choosing two or three wallpaper patterns in the same color scheme, a display unit or backless shelving unit can become a vibrant display area and a feature statement for the room – just because it is functional doesn't mean it can't be creative.

A popular feature wall option is that part of the wall behind the bed. You can make this area the center of attention by decorating the space with horizontal bands of color. Bold and dark colors are popular for use in bedrooms but can seem dismal and gloomy when used as a block. By adding bands of a lighter hue at the top and the bottom of the wall, the result will draw focus as well as give a sleek look to the room. It is then a simple matter to match pillows, throws and bedside furniture to finish off the look.

Another way to create an eye-catching focal is to wallpaper a window frame which will give a bright living room a clean, uncluttered as well as attention-grabbing look. It's best to use a patterned print wallpaper, and replace curtains with chic painted shutters. For maximum impact, paint the other walls in the same color scheme as the background of the wallpaper.

Finally, you could also opt for using some of your favorite family photographs in order to create a feature wall. By framing the collection of photos in bold and elegant frames of the same color (in order to avoid the scheme looking too chaotic). Draw two parallel horizontal guidelines central to your wall and align different-sized frames along the outside of the lines to create a quirky, interesting and sentimental feature wall.

Handy Hints:

• Dress up a practical storage/display unit with brightly-colored wallpaper

• Decorate the wall behind your bed with horizontal bands of color in different hues

• Hang up favorite family photos in bold and elegant frames of the same color

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties

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