Dress up your garden with lighting elements

Dress up your garden with lighting elementsImage Credit: Supplied

Creative lighting can uplift, enhance and elevate the look of your garden. Whether soft and subtle lighting or glamorized specialized lighting, lighting is one of the most effective ways to beautify any outdoor space and create a distinctive mood.

• Combinations - Use directional lighting to enhance features, conceal subtle lights, highlight steps and pathways; pole lights and bollard lights to highlight a dark large garden area; up and downlights to highlight walls or columns. In unison, all can hugely add to the charm and attractiveness of a garden at night.

• Outdoor cooking and dining - Illuminating the cooking and dining areas adds to a great outdoor experience. Flooding your garden with overhead light creates too harsh an effect, and is sure to make you unpopular with your neighbors. Opt for directional lighting instead to illuminate specific locations such as the sink, grill area and table. Have enough power sockets to use various equipment.

• Lighting up shade structures like gazebos and pergolas - Shade structures which are used for relaxation and entertaining can range from sunken areas to roofed enclosures. Bars can be lit with LED strip lights, and columns can be highlighted with up and down column lights. Roofs can have spotlights, hanging lights or fans with lights. Waterproof roof pergolas can have dimmable LED lights.

• Lighting water features - Highlight spouts and waterfalls, light up the water in the basin with wall lights to make it visible, focus lights on bubblers to highlight water falling, highlight waterwalls with directional uplights.

• Ambience - Candles, lanterns, oil lamps and fire pots create a magical atmosphere and complement your garden lighting with a timeless charm. Floating objects in swimming pools or water features create a great ambience. Fire and water options are also an alternative. Using gas or oil torches in planters is a great idea. Citronella candles and oil keep the mosquitoes away.

Remember, you can add drama, romance and excitement to your outdoor scenery by way of lighting without having to resort to drastic physical alterations.

Handy Hints:

• Use candles, torches, lanterns and oil lamps in specific areas of your garden

• For cooking/dining area, install directional lighting to illuminate certain spots

• Light up gazebos/pergolas with LED strip lights, and up and down column lights

Source: Sejal Nagjee, Special to Properties

The writer is CEO and Design Director, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors


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