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There is a popular saying that goes “Home is where the heart is.” And this holds true for almost all of us. There is also that constant need to upgrade the existing décor. However, it may not be possible to do it regularly due to time constraint

or lack of funds. Either way, a do-it-yourself (DIY) project may be perfect for anyone.

Different types of DIY projects can be decided upon depending on the kind of refurbishing one chooses, or the amount of time and money ones wishes to spend.

Cushion covers and lampshades – These can be livened up without a lot of hassles. A few brush strokes or a pop of colour can perk up old and mundane covers; tie dye or hand-paint them. As for lampshades, give them life by adding fancy tapes, ribbons and even artificial flowers.

Furniture – Want new textures and colours? Use a sandpaper to scruff up old paint, apply a new coat and voila, you now have a completely new piece. You can also upholster an old sofa or chair using used clothes or curtains.

Table top – Spruce this up with a glass sheet or an interesting tablecloth. Add a vase of flowers, candles, or any other centrepiece that catches your fancy. Similarly, make use of an old cloth to create little round or square coasters. Leftover curtain material can be used for making beautiful table mats.

Wall – If you love to decorate your rooms with art pieces, artistic calendar pictures may come in handy. Choose those showcasing nature scenes or beautiful landscapes, put them in frames and hang them. You can even enlarge pictures that you took yourself. Remember, you can never go wrong with framed photos as they lend a stylish look to any room. Plates in different colours, designs and motifs can also be used to deck up walls.

Lighting – A very essential component that perks up any interior. Some DIY lighting trends lean towards used items like mason jars, old bottles and other “junk.” Just paint jars/bottles, or add interesting elements to them to create lighting fixtures that are unique to your living space.

A little creativity goes a long way in completely changing the look of any room.

Handy Hints
• DIY activities only require little or no budget which translates to huge savings
• Use leftover fabrics, bottles, jars, paper and other items for your DIY projects
• Paint cushion covers, lampshades and furniture to give them a new lease on life

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties
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