Different ways of adding colour to a room

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Colours not only make our life lively, they also make our homes vibrant. They set the mood and tone of every room in the home. They can either promote a warm ambience or exude an energetic vibe to any space.

Erika Pace, an interior decorator, says, “Room colour can influence our mood and thoughts.” Thus, she advises, “Before choosing colours, think about how they make you feel as they can influence any feeling, from tranquility to anger.”

It is true that some colours are active and exciting whereas others are soothing and peaceful. “Colours in a home bring out the personality of the people living in it and give it a cosy look, too,” says Pace.

Decorating a room could involve applying the 60-30-10 formula. It is human nature to see a theme in 60 per cent hue (dominant colour) on walls, 30 per cent of secondary colour apparent through visually appealing upholstery and 10 per cent of sparkle (accent colour) by adding an ancient piece or flowers.

Paint is a powerful tool that adds colour to a room. By painting the front door, inside of bookshelves, furniture, floor, ceiling, walls and even the kitchen cupboards, you can tell a story with it or feel inspired by it. Thus, Pace says, “Match a room colour with your personal desires/tastes and also with the room’s purpose.”

Light colours make rooms look open, brighter and bigger, while dark colours give a stylish and warm look to the room. For example, sophisticated people may prefer grey or navy, artistic people may like red, yellow or pink, while people who like surprises may opt for unexpected colours.

However, if you want to add colour to rooms without painting them, use colourful appliances in the kitchen, have a set of dining chairs upholstered in rainbow colours, hang artwork like coloured paintings, posters, photographs or a tapestry, use curtains or other window treatments in crazy colours, get a colourful couch or sofa chairs, add throws in bright colours, or cover the back of bookcases with colourful paper.

Whatever you prefer, ensure the colour theme blends well with the overall design.



Handy Hints

• Whether you rent or own a house, decorate all rooms with a dash of colour

• Choose vibrant-coloured paints, window treatments, throws and wall decor

• Ensure that they suit your lifestyle/the room’s purpose and that all blends well



Source: Arva Shikari, Special to Properties

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