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Unique office designs can invigorate a workforce and can make a first impression. Be ready to evaluate, review and accept new ideas depending on whether it is a new project, renovation or rebuilding.

Interiors can reflect the type of business you do. Select a unique design and incorporate a suitable color scheme or theme that reflects your business principles. Cabin room interior plan, wall texture, ceiling design and lighting should exude a positive vibe.

Furniture arrangement determines how wisely you use the interiors. You can go for trendy furniture, but only after checking their use and necessity. Furniture design should blend with the overall color theme.

A well-lit and soothing atmosphere has a great role in determining the success of your business. Natural light will give you a wider color spectrum and it is one of the best solutions in making your workplace more productive and economic.

You can hire an interior designer to propose a design after examining your business. They work with the latest software and equipment to ensure perfection. Avoid designers who stick to “in-house plans.” Go for those who are ready to plan according to your specific needs.

Apart from interior construction, interior design companies also provide services in furniture selection, procurement, audio-visual and electrical matters, relocation management and plumbing designs. There are companies that offer post-contract services as well.

If you are not careful with the interior design of your office, you may end up with extra expenses due to hidden charges. Some charge by the hour, some per project and some per each item on the list. So, ask for a written estimate from the designer. Discuss whether they will take care of the sub-contractors, materials, purchases and labor wages.

If you want to design your office yourself, you can hire a designer on an hourly basis for planning assistance.

Handy Hints
Interior design changes the look and feel of an office space
• Furniture design must blend well with the overall color theme
• Hire designers who can plan according to your specific needs

Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties
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