Designing a kid's bedroom with wallpaper

Designing a kid's bedroom with wallpaperImage Credit: Supplied

Using a wallpaper to decorate a room has always been a trend. A wallpaper not only makes a room look trendy and stylish, it also allows you to change the room theme whenever you feel like it. If you want to make your kid's bedroom lively and dynamic, adding a wallpaper is the best idea.

There is a wide variety of wallpaper designs available in the market. When selecting a wallpaper, always remember to give priority to your kid's choice. Apart from fun, a wallpaper can be used as an educational tool as well. Here are some popular wallpaper themes that your children will surely love:

• Cartoons – Cartoon characters are the all-time favorite in wallpaper designs. With a wide range of colors and prints to choose from, you have the freedom to select one that meets your interior design needs.

• Stickers – Kids are crazy about collecting stickers, posters and cards. Select a wallpaper with some plain area that will allow them to stick stickers onto it. This will greatly help them explore their creativity.

• Maps – If you prefer an educational wallpaper, go for a map print like world map, country map, state map, coastal map or travel map. This will help make your kid inquisitive, curious to learn and aware about the world.

• Birds and animals – No matter what age your kid is, any wallpaper with a bird print is perfect. Most kids also love a fun animal theme on their walls. A wallpaper with a print of their favorite animal or any animals, for that matter, will keep a room interesting and make your child more nature friendly.

• Girly girl – The perfect wallpaper for a girl's room leans towards light colors, especially pink. Wallpapers with prints of dolls, bears or flowers are the most popular ones. You may go for a nature theme as well.

• For the boys – Prints of cartoon characters, action heroes, sports players, cars or fun animals are perfect for your little boy. Even though the universal rule is ''blue for boys,'' red also remains a favorite.

• On the ceiling – Do not limit wallpapers only to walls. You can use a wallpaper with sky, clouds, fluorescent stars or moon print on the ceiling as well.

Handy Hints:

• Any wallpaper can make a kid's bedroom look unique, lively and dynamic

• Give priority to kid's interest when selecting from a variety of print designs

• Apart from its typical use, a wallpaper can also be utilized as a learning tool

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