Designing a cosy nursery for your little one

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Once your baby comes home, you will both be spending lots of time in the nursery. It is, therefore, essential that you make it as comfortable, peaceful and colourful as possible. Keep in mind that decorating a nursery is easy as you can let your imagination run wild. After all, babies love a fun and colourful place. Below are tips to make decorating the room of your little one a fuss-free affair:

• Size – Whether it is an old guest room or a new room, make sure the nursery is convenient and practical for you and your baby. Bear in mind the size and the space required.

• Location – The room, wherever it is in your home, must be quiet with understated lighting and less traffic. If the room has ample natural lighting, use curtains to keep the light out during early mornings and evenings. Be sure it has good ventilation and is in close proximity to your bedroom.

• Decor and style – Do your best to infuse your personal style into the nursery to maintain the continuum of theme throughout the home; otherwise, it will look out of place. However, you can always decorate it differently. Soft earth tones are refreshing and soothing to the eye. You can either use nursery specific accessories and decorations or use soft fabric, wallpaper and wall stickers to create a cosy ambiance. Try and choose furniture pieces prior to decorating the room. It is more practical and cheaper to match the wallpaper, fabrics and paints to the main pieces of furniture.

• Accessories – While there is a lot out there in terms of high-tech baby gadgets, stick to age-appropriate accessories as this will lessen the need to redo the room every few months.

• Crib and safety – Select an enclosure which is safe for your baby. Choose a sturdy crib, with a comfortable mattress. Where you place the crib is also important. Avoid keeping it close to a window with blinds, electrical cords or curtain cords as slightly older babies might start pulling them down. Also keep it far from lamps and other table decorations.

Handy Hints
• Wall stickers can be easily changed or removed as your child gets older
• Room furniture should be arranged for comfort, safety and convenience
• Stick to safe accessories and colours that are soothing to the eye

Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties
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