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It is the end of a hectic day and the only place that you can probably think of is the bedroom. It is one retreat that rejuvenates the mind and body. So, it is perfectly sane to invest in some bedroom décor items to liven it up.

Decorating a bedroom can often be a daunting task, but there are certain tips and tricks that make it fun. The idea here is not to fill it with expensive furniture, carpets, drapes or showpieces. You just have to simply do the exercise for your room to reflect your personality.

To start with, you can think of refreshing the look and feel of the existing room. A fresh coat of paint in soothing colours, a little bit of furniture realignment or even adding an artwork on the wall can accomplish your goal.

If you wish to step further, you may consider refurbishing the bed. Install a headboard in cool design and add extra pillows in different shapes, sizes and colours. If you must, invest in new bed sheets in interesting colours and designs, and get hold of a comfy snugger to make your bedroom the perfect place to rest and relax.

The night lamps, too, can be replaced to create the perfect ambience.You may opt for table lamps or the wall-mounted ones.

A theme-based bedroom is also a great idea. Anything from modern to classy or vintage can be chosen. If it is a girl’s room, flowers, colours, dolls and everything pink and purple can be used for decoration. For a boy’s room, a sporty bedroom is ideal. If he is a superhero fan, his collection can always find a permanent place on the walls. As far as the master bedroom is concerned, it must be neutrally designed to reflect the preferences of its owners.

Another easy way to perk up a bedroom is to add soft lighting, a new rug, a reclining chair, a few showpieces and a bookshelf at the corner. A do-it-yourself artwork can also add a new lease of life to an otherwise drab room.

Let your imagination run wild. Decorate your bedroom in the hues and design that please you.

Handy Hints:

*The easiest way to liven up a bedroom is to repaint it in refreshing colours

* Consider investing in a larger bed, bed sheets, pillows and other bed linens

* Replacing the existing lighting fixtures can add a new dimension to the room

Learn more about decorating your room.

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties

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