Creative ways to beautify a home’s front entrance

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It is often remarked that the first impression is the last impression. And if this is indeed true, one should pay a lot of attention to the front entrance of one’s home to create a long-lasting, welcoming effect.

Looking at the front of your home, you will realize that everything, from the landscaping to the lighting, door, porch and walkway, will culminate in making that perfect first impression. With a little thought and not too much money, it is possible to make a huge difference to your home exteriors.

Landscaping – If you live in a villa, landscaping can be of supreme importance. You can either go elaborate and install a water feature in the front, or make it look basic with carefully selected plants and shrubs. A sure-shot recipe to success is to experiment with seasonal flowers. Not only do they make the entrance look bright and colorful, they also add cheer to the surroundings. In an apartment, an indoor plant in an attractive pot nestled in the corner of your front door is all it takes to create the same effect.

Lighting – Warm outdoor lighting installed at both sides of the front door adds symmetry. If you have an enclosed entrance, a lantern can also work beautifully. On the other hand, ground-level solar lighting is the best bet for doing up your walkway.

Door – If your door is old, replace it with a new, trendier model. You can experiment with bold colors or stick to the regular blacks and deep plums. For a dramatic look, go ahead and install fancy doorknobs and knockers.

Porch – If space is not a constraint, decorate your porch with comfortable outdoor seating. Surround the area with plants and keep it free of clutter at all times.

Walkways – Marble, sandstone and gravel can be used for making steps and pathways attractive. Also, they should be swept of leaves at regular intervals. Keep them free from children’s toys such as cars and bicycles, which should be neatly parked in the corners as much as possible.

Lastly, installing a clear number/name plate in the entrance is a must. You can inscribe them in brass or slate and screw them on your gate or porch.

Handy Hints
•    The front entrance sets the tone for the entire house so keep it appealing
•    How you maintain your property’s exteriors reveals a lot about your personality
•    Keeping a decent front entrance usually involves lots of creativity, less money

Source: Priyanka Wade, Special to Properties
The writer is a freelancer


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