Creating more space at home with room dividers

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As rents soar in cities across the UAE and sizes of rooms shrink, creating space is the biggest challenge when decking up a home. Room dividers and partition walls are the best solutions to make the most of the limited area in studio apartments, or break up a large hall into small cozy segments.

The most common room dividers are floor to ceiling curtains which are also the cheapest options. Since these are not expensive, the curtains can be changed frequently. If privacy is not an issue, sheer fabrics such as silk, lace or cotton can be the preferred material. These will allow light to pass through the divider to make the room appear brighter.

If you want privacy, especially to separate portions of your living room with other private domains of the house, go for heavier fabrics such as canvas, velvet and suede. Curtains or fabrics similar to your wall color can seamlessly merge with the décor of the setup. But remember, curtains cannot ensure sound-proof chambers.

Sliding panels and movable decorative screens are also handy options as room dividers. Various decorating fabrics, glass, metal and even wooden dividers are in vogue. Glass and metal room dividers are handy when you need to separate the dining area or the kitchen from your living room, or create more private nooks for studying. The frameless design of these dividers can make the chambers look more spacious.

Open shelves and tall cabinets can also be used to create secluded nooks. They can be placed strategically to separate the bedroom and the living room area, kitchen and dining zones, or demarcate areas of siblings sharing the same room. Modern shelving units and cabinets are an inexpensive mode of dividing rooms while providing storage options and lending a sleek look to the décor.

A colorful tropical fish tank can also be a stylish room dividing option. Lighting inside the tank has to be classy to accentuate the beauty of the water and decorative items like corals and fish especially in the night.

Handy Hints
• The most common and inexpensive room dividers are floor to ceiling curtains
• Open shelves and tall cabinets can serve to create secluded nooks in the house
• One may also choose a tropical fish tank as an interesting room dividing option

To further your room improvement, you may now focus on how to give your ceiling a dramatic or edgier look.

Source: S. Dhar, Special to Properties
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