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One of the main reasons for the disintegration of close-knit relationships and family life is habitually disrupting or ignoring the need for nourishment. Cooking is an expression of support. Attention to food preparation is at the core of family life and, when done with love and devotion, brings good fortune to all the family members. That is why you should pay attention to the style or the Feng Shui factor of your kitchen when you rent or buy a house.

Having a smart and good quality kitchen is already a good step towards the future. The kitchen should be decorated with solid and long-lasting materials. It is the heart of the house and you want it to be sturdy and strong. Having a worktop done in natural stone like marble, granite or limestone gives an immediate feeling of robustness. Earth elements in the kitchen such as stone and nature-inspired shades provide stability and make you feel safe.

The main elements in the kitchen are fire and water: fire for the stove, water for the sink. As fire and water suggest potential conflict in the family, you need to be aware of the relative placement of the stove and sink to avoid clashes. In a nutshell, certain issues may arise when the sink is placed opposite the stove. In this case, water attacks fire which can indicate domestic quarrels. It is, therefore, unwise to position the water element opposite the stove.

On space clearing, cleanliness in the kitchen is of vital importance. It is recommended that you use an antibacterial cleaning solution.

It is also advisable to avoid clutter in the kitchen. It should be open and organized. By using good quality materials and a cozy design, it will not be necessary to add items to decorate the space so that the energy can flow better.

The ideal location to build the kitchen in the home is east or southeast. These directions represent morning energy and give freshness and vitality to the food being prepared. If your kitchen is not situated in these directions, add green touches like green granite for your worktop or plants.

Handy Hints
• With Feng Shui, it is unwise to position the sink or water element opposite the stove
• Put away smaller appliances like toaster or blender that clutter counters
• Avoid placing the oven and range in the northwest sector of your kitchen

Source: Cristiano Falconi, Special to Properties
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