Create a clutter-free home by going minimalist

Create a clutter-free home by going minimalistImage Credit: Supplied

The old phrase ''less is more'' has never lost its significance. It very much still holds true today – be it in fashion or home interiors. When it concerns the latter, the phrase could not be applied more than here in the UAE where luxury of space is a constant issue and where moving houses is routine.

Minimalism is a departure from what is common, i.e. dumping everything you have in one space creating a menagerie of collectibles, knickknacks and what have you. It is about embracing simplicity while promoting harmony and coming up with an amazing and elegant design. The key to achieving this look is decluttering to give way to a less crowded and less busy space. Here are some easy ways to streamline your home:

Living room – Minimalism works best if you need to make a small room appear spacious and airy. Experts advise painting it in white, grey, tan or green and accenting it with a complementary color to prevent a sterile or staid look. Choose furniture with clean lines, nothing elaborate or intricate. When adding patterns and textures, ensure that they gel together without clashing; however, avoid prints. Better still, infuse color into the overall design by adding a piece that would stand out or draw the eye, e.g. a red sofa in a black and white-themed space, or an orange-painted coffee table for a navy blue theme. Throw pillows must be kept to a minimum to avoid overcrowding. Walls must be free of decals and mismatched posters; hang one statement piece/artwork instead. Moreover, keep away from fancy lighting by opting for pin lights to maintain the uncluttered look.

Kitchen/dining area – The kitchen/dining area is probably the busiest part of the house with appliances, utensils and the like taking up much space. Keep tables and countertops clutter-free by installing cupboards where you can store plates, food items and small kitchen appliances. Choose kitchen furniture and fixtures with a spartan but stylish design. Add a potted plant or a vase of flowers to provide the much-needed jolt of color to the space. And do not forget to utilize UAE's endless sun by letting in lots of natural light.

Bedroom – The place where one slips into after a hard day's work must have enough breathing room to induce relaxation. Think clear lines. Paint the room in one shade, but introduce a dash of color in the form of a vibrant-hued chair or pillows. Eliminate TVs and computers. Hang a lone painting in place of posters and other wall decor.

Handy Hints:

• Decorate living rooms with simply-designed furniture but with stand-out piece

• Paint bedrooms in one shade, but add color in the form of vibrant-hued pillows

• Avoid clutter in kitchens by installing cabinets and keeping only the essentials

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Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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