Create and maintain the garden of your dreams

Create and maintain the garden of your dreamsImage Credit: Supplied

Growing and maintaining a garden is easy when certain steps are followed while gardening. Here are some important factors to consider when creating the garden of your dreams.

A healthy soil preparation will allow the plants and flowers to grow well. Mixing 40% perlite, 40% sweet soil and 20% potting soil make the soil healthy. With harsh temperatures and salty sand, most gardening companies remove about 10-30cm of soil and add sweet soil to get a better pH level. Shrubs are provided about 40cm of soil, and trees 1m of good soil.

Adding perlite to the soil prevents root damage to the plants by stimulating root initiation and vigorous growth, thus helping the roots penetrate through the heavy clay. Perlite prevents compaction and the water from standing, thereby improving aeration and drainage. It does not decompose and can last for years. It insulates and minimizes temperature fluctuations. It has an almost neutral pH level, can hold moisture and does not become soggy.

Get rid of weeds as they do not just mar the beauty of the garden beds, but also compete with desirable plants for water, sunlight and nutrients. Adding mulch to the garden beds kills weeds and keeps new ones from popping up. Mulch prevents weed seeds from germinating.

Aside from mulch, you do not need poisonous chemicals to ward off weeds. Household staples such as salt and vinegar work just as well. Vinegar contains acetic acid and acts as a desiccant that dries out plant leaves. Make sure you protect your garden desirables by covering them before spraying your targets with vinegar. You can do this by removing the bottom of a plastic bottle and spraying either through the bottom or the mouth depending on how large the target area is.

Mowing the grass and fertilizing it regularly keeps it healthy. Mow every 15 days in winter and every 10 days in summer.

Fertilize your plants every two months with NPK, iron and Sangral tonics and see how they flower. Kill pests right away to prevent further infestation.

Handy Hints:

• Salt and vinegar are among the household items that can eradicate weeds

• For healthy grass, mow it every 15 days in winter and every 10 days in summer

• It is advisable to fertilize your plants every two months and kill pests right away

Source: Sejal Nagjee, Special to Properties

The writer is CEO and Design Director, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors


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