Crafting a functional outdoor living area

Crafting a functional outdoor living areaImage Credit: Supplied

Rejuvenating your outdoor space is an awesome way of bringing the indoors outside. You can either revitalise your backyard or the spot near your private pool into a functional area with these easy-to-follow techniques:

• Location – Select an outdoor living area that is easily accessible from the indoors, especially near the master bedroom or the formal living room. You can also partition the area into separate units with walls, or by creating virtual walls or seat walls.

• Protection – Use retractable ceiling-to-floor solar screens to obstruct the sun in the summer and as a shield against sandstorms.

• Seating – Built-in seating has emerged as the new trend and is one of the popular elements in outdoor design. Seat walls fill a double need by characterising or partitioning rooms while giving additional seating.

• Space – If your outdoor space is small, a small dining area will be enough. But if you have a large expanse, you can divide it into a dining space and a relaxing spot. As barbecue is the main outdoor activity, provide necessary functional space. Arrange a kid's play area as well.

• Landscaping – Providing walkways, or planting shrubs or trees can define a specific traffic pattern. Boost the visual appeal by adding a sculpture, water element or shade structure.

• Furniture – Never clutter the area with too many pieces of furniture. Select items according to comfort and budget. Stools and ottomans can offer a chance to prop one's feet up in a more casual position.

• Decor and fixtures – Decorate the walls with trailing vines or wall hangings. Add apt lighting to enhance the mood and make the space functional from daytime to nighttime. Choose throw pillows and other accessories with striking and vibrant colours. Add seasonal plants, coloured vases, birdhouses and other décor items to give a refreshing look to the space. Go for some coloured, lightweight and movable pots to bring in a dashing and dynamic appeal.

Handy Hints:

• A well-designed outdoor living spot hugely increases a property's curb appeal

• Instead of earth tones, use whimsical, bold and brightly coloured furnishings

• Effective lighting easily transforms a day lounge into an evening party venue

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Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

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