Change the look and feel of a room with dividers

They are the perfect solution to add space and privacy to any area in the houseImage Credit: Supplied

The fastest and easiest way to create extra space, infuse a personal touch, enhance a home’s style or divide a space into smaller segments is through a room divider. It can be fixed or installed to the ceiling or floor; it can be movable or foldable.

Here are some great ideas to enhance your living space with a room divider:

To delineate areas – A divider is the perfect accessory to separate areas, or divide larger spaces into cosier, smaller areas. It can be used to create the look and feel of an instant foyer in a large space by placing it near the front door. It can also create a passageway between a living room and a corridor.

To give accent to a room – A floating bookshelf is a good way to divide the point of entry into two different rooms that are next to each other. Use it to infuse a personal touch with home decorative pieces or collections.

A one-sided wooden photo screen is a great way to display family photos and add a unique focal point to a room. Place a bright-coloured divider or one made of fabric on a blank wall to add texture. A divider with a painting on it can be used in place of an artwork.

To create privacy – A sheer divider can be perfect for separating a dining and living space to allow light to enter while blocking off any area from view. A bedroom headboard can also be used as a divider to separate a sleeping space from a sitting space, and the higher it is, the better to maintain privacy.

To increase storage space – Use a room divider to hide clutter and increase storage space. A storage cabinet with multiple sections can work well as a divider as well as a great way to store household items without deviating from the design theme. For example, a storage unit that doubles up as a room divider can replace a TV console.

Handy Hints:

* Room dividers come in a variety of materials like wood, plastic and fabric

* They can be used to delineate areas in a home and give any room accent

* The easiest room divider is a bookcase which can divide a room into half

Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties

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