Bring life to your garden with water features

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Water features definitely bring extra beauty and character to any outdoor area, adding value to a property. And it has become a norm for some property owners to add water features to their gardens to make their space more appealing.

There are many kinds of water features to choose from. These can utilise either standing or flowing water. Below are some creative ideas to enhance your outdoor space:

• Artificial waterfall – A waterfall can be created with or without a pond. A pondless waterfall creates a tranquil mood and can fit almost anywhere. It can be installed vertically right from a stone wall to complement the landscape.

• Bubbling container – An inexpensive type of fountain that gives the sound of trickling water. It is one of the most compact water features that fits into any type of yard or garden. It is also easy to maintain and needs only a few materials to set up.

• Rock pond – The best part about rock ponds is that they can be created in any size. There are several artificial lightweight rocks, stones and corals available in garden centres, so setting up one is easy. Design your rock pond in a way that it complements the surroundings by adding plants, fish and decor.

• Japanese water garden – One of the oldest water features that captures the essence of nature. Japanese rock or Zen gardens create a feeling of solitude for meditation. The focal point is a dry landscape with minimal vegetation and large stones or raked pebbles, creating a peaceful ambiance. If you need a relaxation area, go for this type.

• Fountain – A fountain, whether tiny or huge, gives a garden a serene and soothing ambience. Choose one that does not overpower the entire landscape.

• Birdbaths – To lure birds to your garden, install a birdbath. Birdbaths come in several types: hanging, ground, pedestal, fountain and heated. Pick one that fits your space just right.

Create a feeling of tranquility in your own premises by installing a water feature. Nothing beats the sound of water to melt the stress away.

Handy Hints
• Ensure that the water feature you choose complements your space well
• Add natural elements, like plants, fish and decor, to an artificial rock pond
• Birdbaths come in several kinds: ground, pedestal, hanging, heated, fountain

Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties
The writer is a freelancer


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