Bright ideas to light up any space at home

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Lighting is an important part of home décor. While the right illumination can enhance the style quotient of any room creating the perfect ambience, classy light fittings can go a long way in lending a stylish setting.

• Accent lighting. When decking up your living room, focus on the three to four corners where the sources of light should be kept. Use one light to highlight a decorative piece – be it a statue or a potted plant. Recessed or wall-mounted lights are perfect for this task.

• Task lighting. This greatly aids you in doing specific tasks such as reading, cooking or working on a project. Make sure that the lights which shine downwards should be placed in a way that these allow for doing the specific task from most of the seats located in the room. Use recessed, pendant or undercabinet lighting as well as portable floor and desk lamps. Current lighting trends in floor lamps suggest slim bases and drum-shaped shades. When picking table lamps, make sure they are symmetrical, with bases and shades in similar shapes.

• Mood lighting. Bedroom lighting should not be too harsh; therefore, opt for table lamps with softly diffused shades to set the mood for relaxation. Make sure the shades are not too opaque; otherwise, the bedroom will look dark. Lighting near the vanity table or in the washroom should be arranged in a way that there is illumination above, below and both sides of the mirror to remove shadows.

• Ambient lighting. This provides overall illumination to the space where it is used. Homeowners must keep in mind that this is an important factor in any good lighting plan. Chandeliers, ceiling/wall-mounted lights or recessed lights are ideal ambient lighting options. Chandeliers and pendant lights are the preferred options in dining rooms. To get the best illumination on the dinner table, chandeliers should be installed 30-36 inches from the top of the table. Pendant lights are also popularly used in the kitchen, with most of them hanging over the kitchen island.

Handy Hints
• Highlight a decorative piece in living area with recessed or wall-mounted lights
• Task lighting helps you perform specific tasks minus the hassle of eye strain
• Chandeliers, pendant lights are popular fixtures to illuminate the dining area

Source: S. Dhar, Special to Properties
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