Balancing yin and yang in children’s bedrooms

Balancing yin and yang in children’s bedroomsImage Credit: Supplied

The principal function of a bedroom is to promote a restful sleep and this goes to all bedrooms - master, children’s and others. When one sleeps well, one wakes up healthier and happier.

For children’s bedrooms, parents must ensure that they sleep on a bed with a strong headboard. The bed must also not be in the path of the door. It must be positioned in a way that a wall provides support behind the head. Meanwhile, cribs should not be left floating in the center of the room. Avoid putting large toys, especially if you have very young children, as these may overwhelm them and these also pose a safety hazard.

If the children’s room looks too small, you can compensate for its size by painting the walls with pale and light colors like peach and yellow. If, on the other hand, it seems too large, you can decorate it with vivid and rich hues to give it a feeling of coziness.

In any case, try to avoid bright colors. If the children’s room is in the southern part of the house, avoid warm colors; use fresh colors like blue or light green instead. If the room is in the northern part, use warm colors like terracotta or lavender.

There should also not be any threatening or disturbing pictures on the walls, particularly those of tigers and other wild animals, or images of violence and war, as these can interfere with sleep. In order to give the room a sense of happiness and a cozy feel, hang family pictures of happy moments or special occasions.

Ideally, a desk should be placed in a separate room. If it is in the bedroom, make sure that the child sits facing the door with his back against a solid wall. Sitting with the back to the door or the window gives one a sense of instability, and this does not help in concentration. If there is no solution to this, at least make sure that the curtains are drawn when the child is studying. Reorienting the desk in the right position helps children become more successful in school.

Like in every bedroom, electrical appliances are often a source of poor sleep because they create an electro-magnetic radiation that causes disturbing energy fields around the bed. So, it is better to leave the TV in the living room, the computer in the study or in another room, and so on. This way, everyone can have a good night’s sleep.

Handy Hints
• Paint small rooms with light colors like peach to make them appear bigger
• Avoid hanging pictures of animals and violence as these interfere with sleep
• Promote a good night’s sleep by banning electrical appliances in bedrooms

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Source: Cristiano Falconi, Special to Properties
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