Balance energy to ensure growth and prosperity

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We spend all our lives collecting treasures from around the world and end up spending most of our time putting them in order or shifting things from time to time to make space for new stuff. As a result, we end up cluttering the space around the house and disrupting the flow of energy.

This stagnant energy impacts us greatly and results in imbalance. Everything seems like a never-ending task. The stress that comes with it impacts our health, finances and relationships, leading to a vicious cycle of negativity. Here are some simple feng shui tips to ensure growth and positivity in our lives:

• “De-clutter” is the mantra. Clutter is anything unfinished, unused or disorganized. When you clear clutter, you create space for new beginnings and increase creativity.

• Once a week, clean the floor with sea salt followed by clear water. Open the windows for an hour and burn incense sticks in all four corners.

• To achieve perfect balance, determine first the four main directions. Stand in the center of your house and identify where all they are. Each direction should hold a share of 45 degree area, starting from the facing direction.

• Balance the east and southeast portions of the house by placing green indoor plants like bamboo to bring in a more vibrant life energy and harmony.

• Place an aquarium with nine gold fish and one black fish in the north portion of the house. This will balance the flow of energy and bring in more career opportunities.

• If your dining area is in the north, placing a mirror that reflects the food on the table will bring more abundance to your family.

• Balance the southwest portion of your house by placing ceramic or earth element pots in pairs.

• Enhance name and fame by keeping red lamps or candles in the southern area of the house.

• Another wonderful way to balance energy is to place candles representing feng shui colors on a silver tray: blue for water, green for wood, yellow for earth, red for fire, silver and white for metal. The same plate can have crystals around the candles.

Handy Hints
• Remove clutter to avoid disrupting the flow of energy in your living space
• Determine the four directions for optimum placement of items in your home
• Balance the east and southeast parts of the house by adding indoor plants

Source: Diiptii Tauranii, Special to Properties
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