Adding a sense of flair to your living space

Create a conversation piece by decorating any corner of your house with artworkImage Credit: Supplied

Say no to empty walls and tables, or dull corners. You do not have to be an artist or someone with a degree in art history for you to decorate your home with artwork. Find an item, whether it is a painting or a sculpture, that will serve as a conversation piece when you have guests around. And it does not have to break your budget or overwhelm you and your guests.

But before setting on filling your living space with art finds, understand first the basic principles of using artwork in interior design.

Scale – Consider the room size and select pieces in the correct scale. Wherever you choose to display the artwork, it should add to the room and not overpower or distract from the other decor. A common practice is hanging a painting over a sofa, a daybed or other pieces of furniture. Make sure that it counterbalances the furniture in size and scale. This does not mean that you need to scour the shops and galleries for a piece that is the exact size as your furniture. It works just as well to combine several pieces to fill the same space, but keep each piece roughly the same size to create a sense of balance.

Spacing – Be sure to leave adequate spacing between pieces of art, giving them plenty of room to stand on their own without being out of context. Unless the pieces are intimately connected in some way, it is usually best to keep them separate. One piece of properly selected artwork should act as an accent to the room as a whole; multiple pieces in the same room can overpower each other.

Motif – When selecting the artwork, plan in advance the style and motif you wish to have. This way, you can decide what type of art you are looking for and which room or area you are going to display it, making it easier to shop. You can have separate themes for each room, or select one motif for the entire space.

Colors and materials – Take into account the colors and materials of an artwork before you buy it and see how these will complement the rest of the furniture and decor. Never buy a piece just because it matches your couch. It would be much easier and more pleasing if it has elements that fit in with your current décor.

Handy Hints:

* Always leave enough spacing between multiple pieces of art in a given space

* Select artwork pieces that go together and fit the scale and size of the room

* Choose an artwork that will blend with the furniture and decor in your home

More tips here.

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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