5 flooring elements that will surely add life to your space

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No matter how big or small you feel your home space is, there are ways and means to enhance the look of your place through simple ingenuous means – that is, by employing methods that add an element of interest to your ceiling, walls or floors.

But if you’re happy with everything except your flooring, then it’s time to go over flooring options taking into consideration your budget requirements, as well as the pros and cons of each:

• Carpet – one of the best time savers when it comes to flooring; use carpet to muffle noise in quiet areas like your bedroom; carpet tends to trap dirt and odor so it requires proper care and cleaning
• Vinyl – all ‘easy’, that is, easy to install and clean and pay for because it is relatively inexpensive, but also needs to be replaced from time to time because of wear and tear; moisture left underneath during application can lead to mold and mildew so it must be applied properly; best for use in kitchens and bathrooms
• Hardwood – one of the most expensive options, well-maintained hardwood flooring can literally last a lifetime; engineered options wear well even with changes in moisture; requires expert application, and is best for most areas in the house except the bathroom/laundry room and other high-moisture areas
• Linoleum – an eco-friendly option that is affordable, easy to maintain and install; may need periodic replacement due to wear and tear; best for busy areas where the possibility of spills are high like the kitchen and dining room
• Rubber - another ‘green’ option (the non-synthetic variety) made from the rubber tree, though somewhat expensive; it is tough, durable, good for noise insulation/vibration reduction and resistant to cigarette burns/fire; watch out for abrasives like detergent, as well as grease stains which can affect its quality 

All the above options come in a variety of thicknesses and designs. Other flooring materials you might want to look into include tiles (ceramic and porcelain), laminate, bamboo, cork, concrete and natural stone.

Handy Hints
• Linoleum and vinyl flooring are both affordable and relatively easy to install
• Hardwood can last a lifetime but is expensive and requires expert application
• Carpet is a time-saver but can trap dirt, odor so it must be well-maintained

Source: Lovely Claire CD, Special to Properties
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