Spruce up your property’s curb appeal before sale

Because first impressions matter, make sure your house stands out among the lotImage Credit: Supplied

How you design the outside look of your house is as important as how you do up its interiors. And this is especially crucial when you are planning to put your property on the market. Curb appeal refers to the charm of a property when seen from the outside, an element that makes it stand out in the neighborhood and prods prospective buyers to go inside and check what is waiting for them. In short, it is about creating first impressions that last. So how do you “bait” people to view your property and eventually sign on the dotted line?

Landscape – If your front yard or garden is filled with overgrown grass or wilted plants, no one would bother taking a look at your house even if the “For Sale” sign stands conspicuous in the middle. Make sure you update your garden landscaping by adding flowering plants, pruning existing shrubs, repairing dilapidated shade structures and outdoor furniture, fixing broken water features and light fixtures, and cleaning the walking paths. Remember, buyers always fall for inviting, well-manicured gardens.

Entryway – The front door mirrors the owner’s personality and the “surprise” that awaits buyers inside. Jazz it up by giving it a new lick of paint that complements the property’s color scheme, or make it the façade highlight by painting it in a contrasting hue and adding accents.

Facade – A new paint job to bring out the detail of the property wouldn’t hurt; neither would pretty shutters and window boxes which instantly add character and a dash of color to any house. Choose a variety of flowering plants to put in the boxes, but keep the color scheme in mind when doing so. In addition, ensure the glass windows are smear-free not dingy.

Roof – This part of the house maybe insignificant, but missing or broken roof tiles lessen the value of a property. The same goes for dirty and damaged gutters and rainspouts. Hire someone to fix roofing and guttering problems right away to keep your investment looking like new.

Porch – Make your porch stand out and welcoming by adding a set of furniture in a color that pops, or brightening drab corners with potted plants and other accents.

Handy Hints

* Give your house exterior a new paint to bring out its architectural features

* Update your garden by trimming the grass and fixing broken water fountains

* Hire someone to replace damaged roofs/missing roof tiles, gutters and spouts

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Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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