Maintaining tenant and landlord relations

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Maintaining property can sometimes be easier than maintaining relations. More so if the relationship to be maintained is that between a tenant and a landlord. Hence, there is a need for the two to understand what makes their relationship smoother to eliminate situations that can create conflicts in the future.

Communication is key in every dealing which leads to mutual understanding. The tenant needs to live up to the expectations of the landlord, and this means respecting the guidelines given and taking care of the property. The same applies to the landlord, that is, he should respect the rights of the tenant and abide by the agreed terms and conditions specified in the tenancy contract.

Disputes on rents and the notice period to vacate the rented property are the usual problems encountered by most tenants. This can be avoided by having a clear understanding of the terms written in the contract.

Subleasing without the formal consent of the landlord and maintenance-related issues are a few landlord concerns. Many landlords expect tenants to report only major maintenance issues and to take care of their property as if it is their own. Again, both the tenant and the landlord must ensure everything is clear from the start, that is, to put all details of the agreement in black and white.

Conflicts between a landlord and a tenant can always be resolved amicably if the two maintain open communication. However, there are instances where negotiations over serious issues become a futile matter, thus the need for a third party to settle them.

In cases like this, especially when it concerns rental and tenancy disputes, tenants or landlords in Dubai can always file a complaint at the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre of the Dubai Land Department, which was created by the government to settle rental disputes and legal cases in a transparent manner.

Overall though, respect and open communication create happy landlords and tenants.

Handy Hints
• Landlords and tenants must ensure to abide by the terms in the contract
• Landlords generally like tenants who pay rent in the least number of cheques
• Make sure maintenance-related matters are also included in the agreement

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