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Customer SatisfactionYash Shah

Real estate investment is a key profitable business segment across the globe. The realty sector in Dubai continues to improve its performance to meet strong investor demand for properties across all segments. Dubai is among one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Emerging as one of the booming real estate industry markets in the international level, Dubai attracts vast investments from overseas players. The trend of home ownership in Dubai also continues, boosted by the creation of new job opportunities.

The key for growth is to make sure we stay closer to our customers, anticipating their requirements and providing them good value for their investments. That is customer satisfaction. As long as we continuously improve our own performance in the market, we will achieve growth.

When it comes to challenges, it’s about achieving a sustainable growth in the property market. Buyers and sellers need to keep the market healthy and gradually growing. It should not create a scenario, where prices are shooting up infinitively, or the process of buying and selling is going beyond the logic. Dubai went through the meltdown and has now successfully revived out of it in a much more mature way. So, it’s the responsibility of the realty sector players to maintain a healthy and mature market.

Whether it is for investment purposes or for the investor itself to live in, he/she must buy the right type of property in the right area to maximize its profit returns. To earn massive profits from Dubai real estate, the investor should also get the right property agent advising on the best property to invest matching with the budget of the investor.

It’s highly significant to ensure greater transparency and reliability in providing information that consumers can trust as legitimate and a thorough evaluation of the properties they find valuable to invest in.

In the real estate industry, the investors always turn to the expertise, reliability and responsiveness of the service providers. This practice will help raise the bar of professionalism in the sector and provide accountability for the realtors. Only reliable consultancies in the market provide these valuable qualities to the investors by adding greater value to their assets through the best advice and proper guidance on any property-related inquiries and investments.

Understanding the requirements of the investors, the service provider should match these requirements to the most appropriate property for investment, thus, assisting the clients in securing these intentions and accomplishing their goals. Only professional real estate service providers can protect these interests with their expertise, industry knowledge and wide network.

Reliability is the fundamental factor in any good rapport between the customer and the realtor, the latter being the key influencer in the client’s decision of buying a desired property. The real estate service providers become reliable when they implement professionalism in meeting their commercial, ethical and legal responsibilities to better serve and support the investors.

It’s important to be aggressive yet friendly with prospective clients in showcasing professionalism to be successful in the industry. More involvement is required in the entire process of buying or selling a property, eventually influencing the key decision of making an investment.

The difference in quality and customer satisfaction is visible in reliable realtors who adhere to the local rules and regulations. Such agencies are equipped with strong market knowledge and disseminate significant information to potential investors. They manage real estate transactions with high levels of intelligence, integrity, reliability and attention to detail. Identifying these providers will make it convenient for investors to resolve all property-related requirements systematically.

Source: Yash Shah, Property Sales & Leasing Manager, SPF Realty


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