Packing up well for your move

Packing up well for your moveImage Credit: Supplied

If you are facing an imminent move, there are a million things you need to do before you are ready to leave. It may be worth saving yourself a lot of time and a significant amount of energy and hire a professional packing service. As with any professional service, there are a lot of options to consider before deciding.

The first option would be a full packing service which includes several stages, starting with a representative providing you with an estimate. The representative lists all items that need to be packed including the contents of drawers, cupboards and wardrobes. This provides an idea of how much the move will cost as well as identifies any items that require additional space or care. Valuables that can be personally taken with you will usually be packed separately and set aside. Full service also includes furniture disassembling, wrapping and securing items, removal of items from walls, labelling of boxes, and others.

If you want to keep your moving cost as low as possible, consider a packing service only for specialty items, e.g. artwork, mirrors and other fragile and breakable items. Other items you may want to consider using a professional packing service for are antique furniture, chandeliers, valuable artwork, china and vases. If these items are to be shipped to another country, it may be worth budgeting for some extra preparation to ensure they arrive in one piece.

You may also need specialist packing services for large appliances and home equipment such as refrigerators, ovens and washing machines. You can cut costs by hiring either professional packers or unpackers rather than a service that does both.

Handy Hints:

• Check how much time you save by hiring packers

• Some specific items may need specialist packing

• Choose between packers, unpackers to lower costs

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Classifieds

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