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Moving is never easy. Whether it is to a new house or a new country, there are many things to do and pay for. If you need to hire professional movers, the cost may be worth the reduced stress; however, take a few simple steps to keep charges to a minimum.

Choose the right mover. Speak to friends and family, or even the management in your new building for recommendations in terms of price, service, and reliability. Online reviews provide a great source of information; websites can give a comparison of different companies and their rates.

Make sure to deal with a professional company, that they ask questions to obtain all information, and send a representative for an estimate. If they do not get all the information upfront, you may find additional charges sneaking into your bill once you move.

Be aware that any additional services could result in additional charges: appliance services (preparing major appliances such as washing machines or refrigerators), auxiliary services (a per hour fee for extended delays), customs fees (when moving internationally), and expedited services (for a specific guaranteed arrival date).

To keep costs down, reduce your load. Clear out cupboards and the garage. Do not take anything you do not need especially bulkier/heavier items. 

Be flexible with your moving time and date. When you move off-season (avoid the beginning or end of the month), you may be able to negotiate a lower rate. Try to book in advance so you get your preferred date, but be aware of the charges.

Handy Hints
• Move off-season to negotiate much lower rates
• Get the right professional movers through friends, online forums
• Be aware of additional charges for other services




Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Classifieds
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