Waterproof your home and save dirhams in repairs

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When building or buying a home, one must not only pay critical attention to its design and layout, but also to the many elements that contribute to making its structure stronger, more durable and more weatherproof.

And one of the important factors to be considered when working on a house’s exteriors and interiors is waterproofing, keeping in mind that natural hazards or any serious water-related accidents such as burst pipes or faulty drainage can occur at any point. It is, thus, crucial to know how you can waterproof your home and when to call in the pros to do it.

Waterproofing a house involves taking into consideration the grading, wall structure and drainage systems already present. If you entrust the property to a reputable contractor, they will ensure it is taken care of; otherwise, you have to step in.

Waterproofing the exterior walls gives the home a good foundation, and protects it from the damage or deterioration that can occur due to moulds or fungi. Decay caused by water leakage happens gradually, so the damage is not really visible until it is too late, that is, when the furniture or other belongings become affected. You can easily waterproof the exterior brickwork using a specialized paint, which is better and more weatherproof than any regular paint.

You can also waterproof the fixtures in the interiors of the home. Moisture can accumulate around doors and windows, making them difficult to open or close. Humidity also causes the wood to swell up.

To correct the problem, open the doors by removing the hinges, and trim any excess material off the wood. Do the same for sliding windows. The rubber trim around windows swells up due to moisture in the air, and causes the windows to jam so snipping off the excess trim carefully works wonders.

Another major issue is rust formation. To avoid this, keep the joints and hinges of your fixtures well lubricated. Heavy grease offers great protection against rust, and it is more useful than any spray-on oil.

Handy Hints
• Consider the grading, wall structure and drainage systems when waterproofing
• Keep the joints and fixture hinges well lubricated to prevent rust formation
• Waterproofing exterior walls protects the home from damage due to

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Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Properties
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