Importance of snagging before property handover

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Before you get caught up in the excitement of buying a new home, there is one last thing to do on your to-do list, giving importance of snagging. Snags are all about the tiny imperfections in the property you are about to move in to that need cataloguing and addressing before you take the keys and assume responsibility for the property.

It is important to note these imperfections before moving in because once the deed or lease agreement is signed, they are no longer the responsibility of the seller or the developer. While a snag list is not as thorough as a full-on inspection, it can give you a better idea of the quality of the property build. As a rule of thumb, the fewer snags you find, the more the developer has paid attention to detail.

When preparing a snag list yourself, do not do it when the developer is present. This is something you will want to take your time with and be as detailed as possible. Be sure to put all your snags in writing. Do not just explain them to the building manager or real estate agent as they are not as likely to pass them on in full detail.

Be methodical when writing out your snag list. Approach one room or area at a time and progress around the property only when you have finished in each area. Be sure to open and close doors, windows, wardrobes, cupboards and drawers to make sure they are safe and sturdy. Check locks and handles as well.

Switch on the lights and all supplied electrical items such as the fridge, cooker and air-conditioner. Listen for any noise or vibration, and make sure that everything works as it is supposed to without fiddling or making multiple attempts to get it to work. Do the same for taps and toilets to make sure they run and drain efficiently.

Move around the property and look at the surfaces from different angles. Walls and countertops should be smooth and damage-free. You can even try lying on the floor to get a different view of the walls and ceilings.

The list of potential snags goes on, so it is worth considering a professional snag and inspection service before the move-in date. This is a worthwhile investment that will ensure you get what you want rather than being stuck with something that is not quite right.

Handy Hints
• Snags are tiny imperfections within the premises missed by developers
• Create a snagging checklist and take time to be as detailed as possible
• It is recommended to hire a professionals to inspect the house to give more importance of snagging

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Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties
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