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 It takes time selecting a property to buy; it also takes a lot of time making a decision to sell one’s property. And since either decision can be a time-consuming process not to be taken lightly, you, as the buyer or seller, should devote as much attention to the process of choosing a realtor to represent you and your interests.

But with so many real estate professionals out there in the market today, how do you efficiently weed out the less desirable options from those who can seriously and sincerely work on your behalf without taking unethical shortcuts?

First of all, ensure you do not get someone just because you or your friend knows him or her. Referrals are fine and can be an effective means of getting the right person to do the job, that is, as long as you do your own homework. Do you need someone who also knows about property management, relocations or speaks a foreign language (especially if you are a seller in the local and overseas market)?

If you are a buyer, how good is the person you are considering at hardcore house-hunting? Is he/she familiar with the areas you are considering? Is the agent too pushy or forceful? Does the agent listen to you – really listen to what you want done? What is the agent’s track record? Do you find him/her trustworthy? Remember that this person will, at a later stage, become familiar with your financial standing so care and caution are essential. Once trust and rapport are established, there is no reason why your own agent should make you feel uncomfortable in conducting your business. In fact, you should be working as teammates thereon.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references and a list of current clients; after all, you want a busy agent who seems to be in demand, but one who is not so busy that you doubt he or she will have time to efficiently handle your requirements.

Also ensure the person you are getting knows the market really well and can simplify complicated real estate matters for your full understanding. His or her ethics should be unquestionable, and he or she must be duly licensed.

Handy Hints
• Referrals can get you the right person as long as you do your own homework
• Find someone who knows the market well and with unquestionable ethics
• Devote more attention to the process of choosing a realtor to represent you

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Source: Claire Dangalan, Special to Properties
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