GNproperty Frequently Asked Questions


Account Questions

Is it required that I create an account in order to use this site?
No account is required to search for listings, but in order to post listings and set up saved searches and alerts, it is required to have an account.

I forgot my password. How do I login?
You will have to click on the "Forgot your Password?" link below the "Already Registered?" login box. This will prompt you to fill in the email address for the account. An email will be sent to that address which will guide you through resetting your password. Note: the link to reset your password is only active for 24 hours. If you don't update it within that time frame, you will need to have another email sent to you.

What if I have not received the email to reset my password?
Check your spam or junk email folder. Your email provider may have regarded it as spam. You should be able to indicate whether it is "safe" to receive emails from this site.

How do I change the email address associated to my account?
You can change the email associated to your account by logging into your account, and then, once logged in, clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of the page, where you see "Welcome" or by clicking on the "My Tools" tab and going to "Edit Account Information". Once you change your email address, that new email address will be the one you will have to login with.

Can I cancel my account?
You can contact us at support email: support@gnproperty.com to have your account disabled. We do not delete accounts in case a user wants to reactivate their account.

Searching For Properties

How do I search for a property?

Find properties by location, price range, property types, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage and more. Choose 'More Options' to view additional search options that will allow you to produce very specific results. To obtain optimum results, perform a broad search and refine or expand the list of property results using the 'Refine Search' options displayed on the search results page.

How do I do a separate search on Rentals?
Within the search results pages, select the tab "For Rent" and click the "Find" button as indicated in image.

My search is returning too many listings. What can I do?
Refine your search using the search filters on the left of the search results. You can narrow by location, property type, price, bedrooms, or narrow by 'newest' in the "sort by" options on the right hand side.

Can I search on Listings that only have Photos?
To search on listings with Photos look for the heading "Show Only" in the search filters under "Refine Search" and select the button with Photos.

How do I only see new listings?
To see only the new listings, from the "Sort By" drop down menu located just above the first search result select "Newest"

You can also run a search and from the search filters on the left column, narrow the results by selecting "Posted Within" and selecting - 1 day. Again, this will show you properties posted in the last 24 hours.

What is a Properties search Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to subscribe to a website and have new content delivered to you. In order to use RSS, you need an RSS reader. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other web browsers have RSS readers built-in. There are also online RSS readers like downloadable programs like that you can use to view RSS feeds.

Saved Searches and Alerts

What is a Saved Search?
To save time, you can save your search and when you return to the site, login and run the search. You can specify to have a Saved Search sent to you as an "Alert."

How do I save a search?
To save a search, you first need to search on the criteria you are interested in. Once you have run the search, click the button labeled "Save Search" at the top of the search results page. Once you have done that, you will be prompted to name your search. At this point you can elect to have the search sent to you as an Alert, either daily or weekly. If you have not logged in yet, you will be prompted to login or create an account.

How do I stop my Alerts?
When you have logged in, you will have to go to the My Tools Tab dropdown select "My Saved Searches." This will take you to the "Saved Searches" page. You will have to click on "Actions" and at this point you can, edit the search by selecting the edit search options, you can set your alerts to "never". You will stop receiving alerts. Under "Actions" you could also select the delete option to delete your saved search.

My alert is not giving me the Properties I want. How do I edit my Alert?

Click on the "Edit Search Criteria" within the Actions drop down. This will take you to your saved searched result page, where you can modify the search result using the search filters on the left, or you can use "modify search" button. In both cases, you will have to save the search again.

Why aren't I receiving my Properties Alert emails?

Emails are only sent when listings matching your search criteria are found. Sometimes, it may be that you need to expand the criteria of your search or it could just mean there are no listings currently available that match your criteria. We recommend running a search on the front end to verify that there are no listings. It also may be that your email is filtering on potential spam, so you may want to check your spam, junk or deleted folders.


Posting an AD

How do I advertise or list my property?
From the home page you will have to locate a "Post an Ad" link or button. This will take you to the media kit, where you can select single postings or multiple posting packages. You will need to have an account on the site in order to post an ad. If you already have an account, once you login, you can also post listings by clicking on the Post tab and selecting "Post an Ad

How can I find out how many times property seekers have viewed my property?
To locate this information you will need to login and go to "My Tools" in the navigation bar. In the dropdown you will find "View Responses to My Listings."

My property does not appear to be getting any page views, what is wrong?
Make sure that you have as much information as possible filled out regarding your listing, including address, bedrooms, baths and a description on amenities related to your property. Most importantly make sure that your listing has photos associated to it. Users are more likely to click on listings with photos. If you are still not getting the response you want, you may consider a Featured or Spotlight upgrade which will give your listing more visibility.

How do I upload a Photo to my property listing?
When you go through the process of posting a listing, at the end there will be a "continue" button which will take you to the page for posting photos and floor plans.

How many photos can I upload?
You can upload up to 16 photos.

What size/type of photo can I upload?
Property photos and floor plans size maximum is 2MB. Supported formats are GIF, JPEG, BMP and PNG.

I have sold/rented my home and want to discontinue my listing, but still have days left. Can I do that?
Yes, you will want to go to "My Tools" tab when you have logged in and select "Manage My Listings." This will give you a list of all "active" listings by default, you will have to check the listing you want to discontinue and select "delete". It will be discontinued within the hour.

I have not sold/rented my property and the listing is about to expire, can I renew it?
Yes you will have to go to "My Tools" tab when you have logged in and select "Manage My Listings." This will give you a list of all "active" listings by default, the renew link will allow you to purchase a listing or use inventory you may have available in a package.