UPTOWN MotorCity - A Great place for unhurried urban family lifestyle in Dubai

UPTOWN MotorCity - A Great place for unhurried urban family lifestyle in DubaiImage Credit: Supplied

Mobility is a characteristic reflected in many a UAE expat's life: we move jobs, move offices, keep moving places... even homes... always in search of something better, a place where we can rightly say 'I have arrived.'

After living for some time in Bur Dubai, Reshma Shah and Tushar Shah and their two boys, aged eight and 11, were prompted to look elsewhere primarily because of their children and her husband's workplace.

Reshma says, ''My husband works in JLT and the kids' school is in Al Barsha. We looked at other places like Dubai Marina, JLT, The Greens, and then Motor-City. Dubai Marina and JLT were just way too expensive for us. When we went to The Greens, we found that the apartments there were not as spacious as the ones we saw at Barton House in UPTOWN Motor-City. So we decided on the latter and moved to Motor-City because it is close to both JLT and Al Barsha.''

The kind of lifestyle offered residents in Motor-City is one that can only be termed 'enviable' because the place has matured well into a picturesque community generously dotted with refreshing green spaces, and all across the area are walking paths to enjoy early morning or evening strolls. There are also children's play areas, community swimming pools, football grounds, a fully equipped gym and Jacuzzi.

Reshma says, ''The lifestyle that MotorCity encourages is healthy and excellent, especially for the kids. Back in Bur Dubai, it was difficult to find any great play space for the children. Here in Motor-City, there is plenty of open space for children to enjoy. Our unit at Barton House is quite spacious. In fact, we converted part of the large balcony that came with it into our children's workshop. The building itself is beautiful so we are proud to be living here, too.''

Close to the Dubai Autodrome and Dubai Sports City, UPTOWN MotorCity residents enjoy great access to car racing and sports facilities and academies – all helpful in promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

''When we were thinking of shifting from Bur Dubai, we wanted to move to a place near our boys' school where there is no traffic problem, and where there are supermarkets, shops and restaurants available. Our children absolutely love this place especially our younger son who loves dogs, so we keep a lot of pets, too. Our kids actually have their own 'gang' here. They engage in various sports activities like swimming, cycling and playing football, and attend music classes. This turned out to be a great arrangement for us. I don't have to keep watch over them all the time; they get to spend their time creatively, and I was able to start working again,'' comments Reshma.

The Shahs plan on staying put at their home in Barton House.

Reshma says, ''It was so easy for our kids moving here because they loved the place from day one. It took me a little more time to adjust because my friends and associates were all living in Bur Dubai, but I was very well-settled here in a month's time, and I have a lot of friends here now. My favorite place here is the football ground which also doubles as a party area. And the only thing lacking in this community was city center connectivity, but now we have a feeder bus going to the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station.''


• Well-landscaped and beautiful

• Family-oriented community with complete amenities

• Retail strip and reputable schools close by

• Close to Dubai Autodrome and Dubai Sports City

• Pet-friendly


• Need better access to the Dubai Metro

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Source: Claire Dangalan, Special to Freehold

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