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At a glance, the name of this commercial playground may astound many, causing them to deliberate on its connotation. Indeed, twofour54 was innovatively named after the geographical coordinates of Abu Dhabi.

The establishment aims to nurture a collaborative and stimulating area to support creative pursuits, and it has succeeded in positioning Abu Dhabi as one of the region's best centers in content creation.

The media zone has three factions: lbtikar (innovation and support), Intaj (providing production facilities) and Tadreeb (the training academy). The fourth faction, Tawasol, has been set up to provide support to those who would like to join twofour54's endeavors.

twofour54 carries a vision to enable the creation and development of premium Arabic media content by Arabs and for Arabs. Its ultimate aim is to help Arabs in the region cut past the long list of formalities and procedures, and concentrate mainly on generating premium content.

On offer in its campus are globally benchmarked high definition and stereoscopic 3D production and post-production facilities, broadcasting services, and other associated services to help media businesses.

Acting as a mobilizing agent for businesses to facilitate their operations, it also provides assistance to them, whether it is a startup or is expanding into a new market.

Businesses have multiple advantages in associating themselves with twofour54. They get opportunities to network via the events held frequently alongside promoting their ventures and brands. They can also utilize the benefits of in –depth market analysis as part of the assistance.

To join, twofour54 requires a one-time registration fee of Dh2,500 alongside licensing fees that depend on the type of business and a subsidized rent structure. On average, the rent ranges from Dh75,000 to Dh90,000 for a space of 15 to 20 square meters. Large businesses can tailor-design their office to their own requirements.

Handy Hints
• twofour54 enables creation of premium Arabic media content
• Its campus offers production facilities, broadcasting services, etc.
• It offers large businesses the option to tailor-design their office

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Properties
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