Revel in resort-style living close to nature Green Community in MotorCity

Green CommunityThe Sharmas (inset), Deepan, Kusum, JP, Deepa, Deepti and husband Jigar, live in a family villa in Green Community

The Sharmas are one of the happy and proud residents of Green Community in MotorCity where they have a family villa.

“We previously stayed in Sharjah which meant leading a city life to the core,” says Kusum Sharma, Partner, Captain Freight Services.

“Life is, undoubtedly, way better here not only because we are able to breathe in fresh air but also because we have walking paths, friendly neighbors and an amazing security system that makes us feel more secure than anywhere else,” adds Kusum.

She describes the locality as spacious, beautiful, secluded and a resort on its own.

Her sentiments are similarly echoed by her family – husband JP, Managing Director, Captain Freight Services; elder daughter Deepti, a Human Resource Manager; son-in-law Jigar Sagar; younger daughter Deepa, an Accreditation Officer at Zayed University; and son Deepan, Manager, Captain Freight Services.

“Life is more relaxed here as there is no traffic and everything that is of best quality is easily accessible. Staying here, we noticed a radical change in our lifestyle. Now, we walk every morning and evening. The community encourages us to do so by providing beautiful pathways and lush vegetation. This area has brought us so much closer to nature,” says Kusum.

Daughter Deepti says the community is stunning, something easy to fall in love with. It is a green and anenvironment-friendly neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle ofthe city. In her words, “It is like a small, beautiful world on its own.”

According to Deepti, the houses in the community are spaced well and beautifully designed in a way that the sunlight can seep in from all directions, creating a scene that looks like a paradise on earth.

She adds that they love the fact that solar energy is well tapped, recycling encouraged and the environment taken care of.

Kusum says that her family is satisfied to be residents of the amazing development.

“As soon as one enters the locality, one can feel the positive vibe. At the same time, there is that sense of surprise that a place like this could exist,” she says.

The Sharmas are more than happy that the community is child-friendly, too.

“My grandson Trishaan has the privilege of enjoying the greenery around. He can touch the plants and flowers. He is able to witness a variety of seasonal birds, like parrots, flying freely. There is a park within walking distance from our house where we take him to. These small yet significant things in life bring peace and happiness,” admits Kusum.

She said the place is filled with modern conveniences like supermarkets, restaurants, spa, shopping areas and a polo club. And that despite the presence of all these, it manages to retain a certain charm.

When asked about the downsides of living in the community, Kusum says, “A few accidents due to lack of road humps had been a damper to the residents’ spirits but now that speed breakers have been in-stalled, we hope there won’t be tragedies anymore. We also suggest that the maintenance of landscaping and pest control are taken more seriously by the management.”

However, she concludes that with the ample conveniences right at their doorstep and the fantastic views, Green Community is still one of the best localities to reside in.

• Safe, secure and peaceful
• Easy accessibility to the city
• Breathtaking views
• Schools, fitness facilities, parks, walking paths
• Sports facilities
• Supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, hobby classes

• Inconsistent landscaping maintenance and pest control

Source: Bandana Jain, Special to Freehold

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