Quiet living in the urban setting of Ghusais

Quiet living in the urban setting of GhusaisImage Credit: Supplied

Ghusais is a suburb nestled towards the border of Sharjah and the northeastern edge of Dubai, near the Dubai International Airport. The area, now a popular residential destination among expats and locals, was actually a vital part of Dubai's history.

Based on excavations done in the early '70s, it was once a cemetery and a settlement that was used as early as the first millennium. It has now grown into a fully industrialized area with several housing options, educational institutes, malls, hospitals and recreational facilities.

Apartments in Ghusais can be rented at relatively cheap prices compared to the districts in New Dubai. This is why a lot of professionals still choose to live in the area even if it entails long morning and evening commutes. To end traffic jams during peak hours, new roads, car parks in existing mosques and roadside parking slots were developed. Street lighting poles, artificial humps and road markings were also installed to ensure resident safety on the road.

When it comes to education, Ghusais is ideal for families with school kids as the area is teeming with a range of American, Indian, British, Australian and Arabic institutes, fostering the talents and skills of children from different parts of the globe.

It also has a selection of shops located near the residential communities. Among the choices are Al Bustan Centre and Madina Mall for shopping, and Carrefour, Spinneys, Lulu and Union Co-op for groceries. Regardless of its proximity to Dubai International Airport, Ghusais is not swarmed with hotels, with only a few found in the area. One of the most popular is the Dubai Grand Hotel.

Ghusais is where you can always satisfy your food cravings. It has a list of restaurants that line its streets, offering boodle fights and cheap eats. There are also menu options for those seeking healthier choices for a balanced lifestyle.

Aside from its quiet residential setting, Ghusais also fosters the growth of small to medium enterprises. Necessary infrastructures, ranging from facilities to services, are being built while ensuring complete real estate solutions. The area subdivided into industrial and residential localities is what many today call home.

Handy Hints:

Ghusais is swarmed with American, Indian, British and Arabic institutes

• The area fulfills the retail needs of residents with grocery shops and malls

• It is also lined with various kinds of restaurants offering affordable choices

Compare this community to Business Bay - a hive of high-toned residences

Source: Cleofi-Krista Capili, Special to Properties

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