Palm Jumeirah - A relaxed lifestyle in a retreat-like ambience

Palm Jumeirah - A relaxed lifestyle in a retreat-like ambienceJessica Haden at her Palm Jumeirah home

Jessica Haden, an Executive Assistant at a management consultancy firm, lives in the Shoreline Apartments on the world- famous Palm Jumeirah. She moved to the development from her earlier residence at the Dubai International Financial Centre a year back to seek peace and quiet.

''Belonging to a small town in the US, the loud noises, horns and the tall apartment buildings are not something that gel with me. So the Palm suited me quite well. Having spent more than a year in this neighborhood, I just cannot think of living elsewhere in the city,'' Jessica says.

She adds that each day as she returns home, she feels at peace with herself. ''The Palm, which is in a calm and peaceful neighborhood, gives me that sense of feeling. It is like leaving the craziness (of the city) behind each time I go home. It surely wins, hands down!''

Along with the refreshing sense of calm that Jessica feels on the Palm, she also wanted to reside near the beach; the Shoreline Apartments offers this access. ''When I go on vacation to the US, while I am happy to be there for the time, I always miss coming home to Dubai and the Palm. I feel a sense of happiness and joy that I am able to come home to and revel in this wonderful community.''

Jessica loves inviting her family from the US to come over and is proud to have a nice place for them to stay. She said the Palm offers plenty of facilities that not only she but also her family enjoys.

''I like taking regular walks with my mother in the park, which is bustling with children and pets in the evening. I am happy that I am able to afford her the opportunity to experience this wonderful gem in Dubai.''

Jessica, who rescued a Saluki about five months ago, is glad that the Palm offers a great place for him to stretch his legs and get a good run with other dogs. ''Prior to having him, I never ventured into the park or track. Now that I am here thrice a day, I wish I had taken advantage of it prior to having my pet.''

Jessica seems to love everything about the Palm. ''The Shoreline Apartments has a convenient access to every point as it is located on the trunk. My workplace in JLT is a bare 10-minute drive. I don't have to worry about traffic or accidents because I can bypass the highway.''

She adds that almost everything she needs is within reach so she rarely ventures into downtown. There are a couple of grocery stores within the area and Mall of the Emirates is just a five-minute drive away.

Jessica finds the residents in the community friendly. ''The residents stop to talk to each other or introduce themselves. People wave at each other on the street. It is like living in your own private community. This is something that you do not find in other parts of Dubai. The Palm has a certain uniqueness to it not only because of its location and features, but also because of its residents. I am proud to say that I have forged great friendships with the people around here.''

Any downsides to staying in the Palm? ''There is hardly anything about the Palm that I don't like though maintenance can be an issue at times. Considering that the building where I'm residing is less than eight years old, there are some problems with it. For the price and location, I feel that the maintenance could be improved or the building should have been built better, to begin with,'' says Jessica.

Otherwise, she is one of Palm Jumeirah's happy residents.


• Calm and peaceful
• Beach and pool access
• Gym, park and a running track
• Grocery stores
• Cafes and restaurants
• Clubhouse
• Hotels


• Maintenance issues

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Source: Bandana Jain, Special to Freehold

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