Old is gold in 19th Century Antiques

19th Century AntiquesVisitors have a selection of antique tables, wardrobes, office desks, armchairs, clocks, paintings and ornaments to choose from l Image Credit: Courtesy of 19th Century Antiques

History lessons are very tangible when one visits 19th Century Antiques, a gallery that features an enchanting collection of 19th-century French artefacts, each of which reflects the country’s rich cultural past. Visitors will find themselves transported to a bygone era, with a collection of antique furniture, bronzes, paintings, clock sets and vases bearing a touch of aristocracy.

The hands that toiled to build each exclusive product at the gallery belong to noble craftsmen, artists and horologists such as Sormani, Beurdeley, Grohé, Carreir-Belleuse, Mercié and Raingo Frères. Their creations bring to mind the opulence of the Palace of Versailles and each is a collector’s delight. “Our pieces typically range from 100-150 years old. Three of our oldest displayed articles include an 18th-century transition-style commode by Nicolas-Alexandre Lapie, a painting by Daniel-Alexis Bourrit dated 1835 and a mantel clock in white marble with gilt bronze decoration from end of 18th century,” says Elena Zaytseva, senior sales executive at 19th Century Antiques.

A defining feature of the collection is its deeply rooted historical significance and the use of quality materials. Each piece at 19th Century Antiques is characterised by its own unique narrative, design aesthetic and technical achievement. The gallery takes the help of antique advisors, restorers and art historians to offer customers a high level of expertise and advice.

Behroz Javaheri, the man behind the gallery at the Boulevard Jumeirah Emirates Towers, maintains a hobby of seeking only the finest in life. He has spent years gathering priceless antiques, adding one discerning piece after another. And today he can stun people with one of the largest collections of antiques in the world.

The gallery features everything that makes a house both functional and fabulous, with bespoke furniture carved from mahogany, ivory and marble. Visitors have a selection of tables, wardrobes, office desks, armchairs, clocks, paintings and ornaments to choose from. Quirky elements such as secret drawers give the pieces another dimension, revealing the mischievous side of the craftsman.

“The Gloria Victis sculpture by Antonin Mercié is part of our collection,” says Zaytseva. “There are only three pieces in the world, the other two are presented in The National Gallery in Washington and in Bordeaux, France. This sculpture is a tribute to the fallen French in the Franco-Prussian War.

“After our success at Design Days Dubai, we’re going to participate in Art Beijing, the most anticipated Asian art fair of 2015,” she adds.

Contradicting J.R.R. Tolkien’s timeless quote, this time all that glitters certainly is gold. Forget about la vie en rose, this gallery translates into la vie en or — which means life is gold.

19th Century Antiques is located at the Boulevard Jumeirah Emirates Towers. It is open Saturday to Thursday from 10am-10pm and Friday from noon-10pm

Source: Nichole Nikoliovich, Special to Property Weekly

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