The Odd Piece - Weird, wonderful and an alluring gallery

One of the most alluring galleries at Al Wasl Square, The Odd Piece is definitely one of the coolest kids on the block. The gallery offers a surreal break from Dubai's constant hustle and bustle. The refreshing hues of orange and yellow that decorate the gallery will tempt you to call it your new home. A dashing display of metallic chandeliers, random cushions speckled with polka dots and porcelain pineapples all add to making The Odd Piece look louder and flashier than a Lady Gaga concert.

The Odd Piece is Arwa Hafiz's third child. She blends equal doses of colour, craftsmanship and character in her distinctive style. The result is an array of dramatically designed collections. There aren't many antique quarters, trade shows or underground souqs Hafiz has left unexplored. The gallery is a tasteful reflection of her global adventures, particularly in Europe and the Middle East.

In addition to transporting you around the world, her furniture takes you on a journey through time. ''I don't restrict myself to any style or era. My pieces are made by artisans and designers across time and space - they could be from 19th century France or 21st century South Africa. [But] I have a passion for mid-century modern furniture,'' she says.

''My taste is extremely eclectic, from 1920s Chinese chairs to South African animal masks made out of soda cans, masterpiece French chandeliers from the 1970s, and pretty much everything in between,'' says Hafiz.

She spent her childhood flying between London and Saudi Arabia. She was raised in a large family, but the person who left the largest impact on her is her father. Treating their house to periodic facelifts, he taught her how to harmonise design while still leaving a personal stamp on it. After spending eight years in the field of journalism, Hafiz found a better way to express her thoughts. Beautifying rooms invoked more passion in her heart than beautifying the pages of a newspaper.

The Odd Piece created an online presence before a physical one. Its owner then decided that customers would appreciate their purchases more if they could see its dimensions and feel it with their hands. This led to the gradual launch of the gallery, and fancying up of the Al Wasl Square outlet. The Odd Piece released its website in May 2013, and its gallery followed in December.

Some of Hafiz's oddest pieces include cushions with Picasso's caricatures printed on them, a serving tray tattooed with vintage illustrations of guns and kidney-shaped tables. Her boutique is ideal for travelers who think airport souvenirs are too typical, art collectors and anyone looking to make a subtle statement.

Hafiz explains what lures a metropolitan clientele to her eccentric gallery. ''I think it's the uniqueness of our pieces; they are a very fresh respite from the mass-produced furniture in big brand home design stores. The Odd Piece allows you to put your own signature on your space. I also think the variety we offer allows us to appeal to a very wide range of tastes,'' she says.

Hafiz's Instagram account features flamboyant pictures of funky furniture that deserve to be featured in frames of themselves.

The Odd Piece does not stray too far from what its name implies - it is that spot where you are likely to find that one piece your home needs to look and feel complete.

The Odd Piece is located at Al Wasl Square, along Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah.

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Source: Nichole Nikolovich, Special to Property Weekly

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