Mussafah Industrial Area booms with time

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The Mussafah Industrial Area is a special economic zone where rapid planned development in the economic sphere started more than a decade ago. Although historically an industrial area, it was only recently that special attention started being paid to it.

A pertinent milestone was when the Abu Dhabi Seaport Authority built a new port in the area. Located in the suburbs of the capital, approximately 30km from the city center, it neighbors residential areas like Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Shabia.

The area has been subdivided into multiple zones by the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones. These include Industrial City of Abu Dhabi 1 (ICAD 1), ICAD 2 and ICAD 3. All these zones have been constructed adhering to the highest international standards.

ICAD 1 has warehouses that have been built for the storage needs of multiple specialized industries in the areas of textiles, food, engineering, chemical, construction materials and plastics. Additionally, it contains elements of the service industry to provide a holistic environment to employees and residents in the area. These include a hotel and business center, banks, clinics and a cultural center. It currently has a 100% rate of occupancy.

ICAD 2 and 3 have a public-private-partnership model. While the former has more than 100 plots of land for specialized industries including oil and gas; the latter is set to house clusters of more comprehensive industries including the chemical compounds industry. Both ICAD 2 and 3 are in high demand from both local and international investors.

Planned zones within the industrial area include ICAD 4 and ICAD 5. ICAD 4 will cater to light industries and be connected to the freight railway network. ICAD 5, on the other hand, will be the ultimate car lover’s paradise, with 11 dedicated to all things falling under the purview of the automobile industry.

Handy Hints
• The Mussafah Industrial Area is being developed by ZonesCorp
• ICAD 1, 2 and 3 have witnessed local and global investor demand
• Planned zones are ICAD 4 for light industries and 5 for auto industry

Source: Bushra Hameduddin, Special to Properties
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