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An hour-drive from Dubai and only five minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi, - 500 meters off the coast - Saadiyat Island initially focused on arts and culture. Later on, it starts promising an exciting and abundant Marina District. Saadiyat aims to offer world class facilities infused with high-end waterfront community centre, shops and restaurants. The Saadiyat Marina showcases a blend of ultra-modern properties with commercial and residential buildings and the newly completed main campus announced this year, where modern and traditional architectural elements where combined to reflect the three identities of the University: New York, Abu Dhabi and the world.

Earlier this month, Abu Dhabi’s master developer announced the pre-qualification bids for the construction of developmental properties in the other parts of the island. One of these is the Saadiyat Island Beach Resort complex featuring 11 luxury villas, 295 rooms in a low-rise hotel with meeting rooms and high-end spa facilities and services. All these in preparation of Saadiyat Island’s stunning business bay for chic living with upscale hotels and urban apartments.

The entire development project is still part of the developer’s plan in making Saadiyat an ultimate island destination, complete with mixed-use properties, commercial complexes and golf courses and leisure resorts since it was established in 2006.

Among the museums set to mark the Cultural District are Louvre Abu Dhabi (2015), Zayed National Museum (2016), Guggenheim Abu Dhabi (2017), and Maritime Museum and Performing Arts Centre. The remarkable transformation will poise Abu Dhabi into a world-class tourist destination with forecasted nine beach properties and 29 hotels. The Saadiyat Culture District is drawing locale and international tourists who come to converse through the universal language of the arts with its unique collections, performances, productions and exhibitions.

Handy Hints
• Island poises Abu Dhabi into a world-class tourist destination
• Cultural district includes Louvre, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, etc.
• Abu Dhabi forecasted with 9 beach properties and 29 hotels




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Source: Cleofi Krista Capili, Special to Properties
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