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The great thing about the ever-progressing landscape of Dubai is that there is always something innovative opening up.

One of these is Bounce Dubai, located within Dubai’s artsy hub Al Quoz.

Combining the idea of free-running and jumping, this 25,000-square-foot venue is dedicated to letting anyone, of any age, come in and literally bounce to their hearts’ content.

“The guys have done a brilliant job weaving together the concept of trampolining and free-running, and that’s how the Free-Jumping Revolution concept came about,” says Bounce Dubai’s founder Ross Milton.

Need for a break
Hailing from Australia, Milton fell in love with the concept that he brands Free-Jumping, after visiting a similar venue on a trip back to his homeland. So in collaboration with the team that runs Bounce Australia, the concept was imported to Dubai.

Milton says his vision with opening such a venue in Dubai was to engage the entire community, including local youths who can have a lot of time on their hands, especially during the long hot summer break from school, and who tend not to have much to do in the city.

“The local community at a certain age is really under served in Dubai. So the venue is great, it attracts lots of Emirati kids, and that’s what we’re passionate about,” says Milton.

Exhilarating experience
When a friend and I visited on what we thought would be a quiet Sunday evening, we found the crowd to be truly diverse, attracting people of all ages and nationalities.

The 100-plus interconnected trampolines were almost all occupied for the hour-long slots that sessions take place in.

And the venue simply must be experienced to understand why. On arrival, just in time for our 7pm session, we were given a pair of colourful, stripy socks that grip the trampoline on landing, keeping us steady.

Jumping freely on the super-bouncy surfaces offers a pure adrenaline rush. I felt a little light on my feet at first, hurling myself off one of the trampolines to land face first, spread-eagle, face on the Big Bag (a massive airbag that provides the ultimate soft landing). It took some guts, but was a hugely exhilarating experience.

Practice makes perfect
Staff advise that everything you do on the trampolines should remain within your comfort level, even if that’s simply jumping — which it was for my buddy and I. But seeing the younger children fling themselves effortlessly into front flips and older people performing slam dunks and running up the walls gave me the urge to try something — even if it was just as simple as landing seated and bouncing up to my feet again.

It’s not an easy manoeuvre, but one I will certainly be heading back to Bounce to practise it. This is because not only is it a great new fun way to pass some time, but according to its owners, ten minutes of bouncing burns the same amount of calories as 33 minutes of running.

With the new group exercise class, Bounce Fit, having launched last month, we’re completely sold.

* Bounce Dubai is open daily, 9am to midnight. It is located on 32 4B Street, behind Ace Hardware, Al Quoz.

Source: Melanie Smith, Special to Property Weekly

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