Hidden Gems - A collage of dreams in Dubai

A collage of dreams in DubaiImage Credit: Supplied

Mosaic is the art of assembling fragments of glass, stones and gems to form a decorative pattern. This ancient practice dates back to medieval Rome, when it was a popular medium of architectural design. Churches, government buildings and even stylish homes were plastered with intricate montages. In fact, Romans in Pompeii with pets even had ''beware of dogs'' signs etched in Latin, using mosaic, on their doors?

About 25 years ago, Sicis — The Art Mosaic Factory, decided to take the tradition forward. It is the brainchild of Maurizio Leo Placuzzi, who was reluctant to abandon the technique. He unveiled the store in Ravenna, Italy, where the concept was brought to life by the city's mosaic heritage.

''We explored the art of mosaic, valorising its flexibility and becoming the most influential creators of contemporary mosaic,'' says Eleneora Milano, who handles The Art Mosaic Factory's public relations in North America.

''Sicis has a strong knowhow of the art thanks to years of constant research and study. This allows our brand to integrate different genres, styles and materials. Through the years, we have evolved and patented several techniques to create artistic mosaic panels and also marble mosaic on an industrial basis,'' she says.

While the brand is headquartered in Italy, countries such as Dubai, North America, France, Turkey, India, Japan, China and South Korea also host its boutiques.

Sicis is where science and art engage in a tantalizing tango. Its team of designers and architects forms the Sicis Lab. It is their job to analyse the peculiarity of a place, understand the local market and incorporate Sicis' appeal in all its galleries. When this recipe is combined, the resulting collage is seasoned with the philosophies of the host country.

Sicis has collaborated with design legends such as Studio Raggi, Khuan Chew and Christian Lacroix. The brand also shares a special relationship with acclaimed designer Roger Thomas.

The brand also uses images of icons from the fashion, cinema, music and art industries in some of its designs. Marilyn Monroe, for instance, is a recurring face on the Dubai store's walls. Even the brand's name has an interesting backstory. Tareq AbuRoza, who manages Sicis in Jumeirah explains that the term sicis is Latin and translates into ''so I dreamt of gigantic and famous endeavours''. The gallery hasn't spared a single effort in the tireless actualization of this vision.

Sicis is synonymous with luxury. Walking into a Sicis gallery is like stumbling into a cave full of treasure. Sicis produces tesserae in every shape conceivable, introducing elements of gold, platinum, jewels and other precious ingredients to its exhibitions.

All the techniques used by the brand are patented. The gallery recently unveiled a range of stunning jewellery.

Tucked away in a corner of Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah, Sicis' products are sure to bring literal sparkle to your beloved home.

Sicis is located at Villa 12, at the corner of Umm Al Sheif and D 94.

Source: Nichole Nikoliovich, Special to Property Weekly

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